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One paragraph per question listed below. 1Review Campbell’s Monomyth game or cy

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One paragraph per question listed below.
1Review Campbell’s Monomyth game or cycle to the concept of heroes: and Does a modern society still need its heroes? What happens when we combine the heroic with the modern technological age particularly within the field of medicine?
2) The intersections of science and technology have produced remarkable results including embedded technology. It has been predicted that the ramifications of such technology could lead to an even further economic divide and a question of what makes us human. If we continue to constantly “upgrade” our capabilities through embedded technology, would this be evolution or the decline of humanity as we know it (or both)? Why?
3) Albert Einstein predicted that technology would surpass human interaction. Unfortunately, he also predicted the loss of this interaction would lead to a great loss in humans. Watch Sherry Turkle on Ted Talks. Sherry Turkle says, “It matters to me because I think we are setting ourselves up for trouble–trouble certainly in how we relate to each other, but also trouble in how we relate to ourselves and our capacity for self-reflection. We’re getting used to a new way of being alone together.” Do you think technology is leading to a problem or trouble? Why or why not? How can we combat this situation before Albert Einstein’s second prediction of “a generation of idiots” comes to fruition?
4) Do you think we should be pursuing “pure” research (research for the sake of enhancing what we know) or stick to applied research (research with practical applications)? What are the pros/cons for both? Give examples of historic scientific ideas that ended up being dangerous to the population at large.
5) Individuals have the right to privacy and can give up that right through informed consent. In addition, the right to privacy can be lost when the health of the public is in jeopardy. COVID 19 has sparked a wave of new technologies to help with this global public health pandemic. Review these articles and discuss whether you believe the violation of privacy is justified.

How Americans see digital privacy issues amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Privacy and New Google-Apple COVID-19 Tracing Technology

6) DNA tests submitted for purposes of genealogy searches by their very nature are not considered private or your newfound relatives could not be notified of a match. Law enforcement has used this open search tool to locate relatives of unidentified DNA in the criminal database. Is this an acceptable use of the DNA database? Is there anything wrong ethically speaking with law enforcement accessing the database for purposes other than what it was originally intended?

Why using genetic genealogy to solve crimes could pose problems

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