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This assignment consists of students exploring the above-listed websites and com

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This assignment consists of students exploring the above-listed websites and comparing specific
characteristics of world nations. Initially, the websites will be reviewed and discussed in class and then students will work in groups, and subsequently find data and produce an independent written paper by the end of the semester.
Before beginning this project students should consider their own economic and social conditions related to living in the United States and be able to describe them, make comparisons, and discuss the quality of life of people living in the USA versus other nations. All due dates for all stages of this project will be provided.
Important Vocabulary/Concepts: Population size, population change, population distribution, birth rate, death rate, infant mortality rate, fertility rate, life expectancy, age distribution, morbidity, literacy, demography, epidemiology, urban, rural.
Stage 1: Students are instructed to watch the YouTube video which describes how to effectively navigate the CIA’s World Report website. You will then select one developing nation and a developed nation in order to contrast specific characteristics with the United States. Since students may have difficulty deciding which are developed nations and which are developing ones, you can go the website of the Population Reference Bureau which lists the average per capita income (GNI PPP) for all world nations in American dollars. To assist in making your selection, consider countries with a GNI of less than $7,000 as developing and over $25,000 as developed. You can also view the World Bank website which lists the richest and poorest nations in the world. Another way of thinking about this is to consider countries that are “well off” compared to those that are relatively poor. Consider this as a continuum with very rich such as the United States and Japan on one end and Afghanistan and Botswana on the other, with many, many nations in the middle. You will then make your selection of a developed nation and a developing nation to contrast with the United States. Now you will create a table for the 3 countries listing the demographic characteristics indicated in Stage 2.
Stage 2: Creation of a Data Table
1. Origin of the nations (BRIEFLY describe how each nation was formed)
2. Total population of each nation
3. Ranking of the nations in terms of population in contrast with other countries (e.g. China is number one)
4. Population by gender for all 3 nations—how many males, how many females
5. Average number of children born in all 3 nations (birth rate)
6. Infant mortality rate of each nation
7. Percent of the population living in rural and urban areas (remember, rural is opposite of urban; therefore, if a population is 60% urban, then it is also 40% rural)
8. Years of education for males and females in each of the 3 countries
9. Literacy rate of males and females (what percent of the population can read and write for males and females in each country) FYI, the USA is 99%, equal for males and females
10. Dominant occupations or work performed for each country
11. Rate of unemployment for the entire population (unemployment rate is the opposite of employment)
12. Average Life expectancy of citizens in each nation
13. Percent obese of each nation
14. Examples of transnational issues for each country
Remember, all 14 items will be placed in a data table. Across the top, the USA and the 2 countries you selected and along the left side each of the 14 characteristics. See example below.
Stage 3: Summarizing your data and information obtained:
• After finding the above information, you will think about how the demographic characteristics of these nations compare with one another.
• Assess how the quality of life in each of these nations is linked to its respective institutional structure by paying attention to the political, economic and educational institutions.
• Determine how the geographic location of the country contributes to its overall status as a nation, including its borders.
Writing Your Summary:
You will now be in a position to write a three-four page summary of how the characteristics you discovered of the two nations you selected compare with the characteristics of the United States.
As you examine the data, what questions arise? What more do you want to know about these countries? Note these questions and include them in your summary. Keep in mind that you are writing ABOUT the nations and not merely stating data or numbers. You can include some data, but it is writing about your perceptions, observations, and overall analysis that are most important.
Reflection–Stage 4:
Now you are in a position to write your Reflection. Think about your personal situation as reflected by your living in the USA.  How do you think it compares with the characteristics of the two nations you selected? Would you want to live in either or both of these countries? Describe why or why not. Discuss information you were surprised to learn about and how that information impacted you. Describe what you learned by completing all stages of this assignment, including any challenges you had with the data. Compose a well-written, error-free, double-spaced, 400-500 word (2-3 pages) reflection. You will upload your entire paper which includes your data table, summary, reflection and bibliography, by the indicated due date which is the last instructional day of the semester. Maximum point value for the paper is 50 points. Length of paper=Cover Sheet with your name and Title of the Assignment with names of countries selected (1 page)+Data Table (1-2 pages)+Summary (3-4 pages)+Reflection (2-3 pages)+References (1 page), Total=8-11 pages.

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