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President Obama,has said that these family-friendly policiesshouldn’t be bonuses

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President Obama,has said that these family-friendly policiesshouldn’t be bonusesthese policies should already be instilled into the workforce.In thecharts that were provided to us throughWashington Post we notice that America is lastranked.Even after a child is born there is no flexibility when it comes to being able to properly nurture a child especially if it’s of a low income household,the parents has to ensure their job is stillsecured even through pregnancy andso forth.When it comes to paid leave you see all these other countries providing leave not only for the mothers but for the fathers as well ,something that the US lacks.And althoughPresident Obama has put child care programs inplace they are still st an all time high where some parents probably still cannot afford.Why Finlandprovides this box of goodies for newborns , it seems as if it isn’t only for low income expectant mothers but for all.They not only provide the child with clothing and bath supplies but also the box turns into a bed for the baby which shows that Finland has a lot of respect for pregnant moms and their children.So that even if the child’s parents can’t affordcertain items they know that the child has supply for a whilewhere as in America some mothers have babies and don’t have the resources to provide for the baby or they have to fill out applications and wait on a waiting list to be approved for the assistance or eventually CPS taking the child which results in negativeoutcomes for both mother and child at times whetherit is mentally,physically or emotionally.Family-friendly policies help the “Finish mothers feel more accomplished and become more hopeful as they are able to provide for their baby.As opposed to America ways where you have to apply for help which not only becomes stressful for the mother but also for the baby as well.Although they are small their sensesare very in tuneand will cause frustration , which in return can take a toll on their development.ReferencesLee H., (2014, June 23)Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard
Discipline: Soc 301

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