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Culture is the ways of thinking, the ways of acting, and the material objects th

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Culture is the ways of thinking, the ways of acting, and the material objects that together form a
people’s way of life (Macionis, 2008). Culture is crucial to how we connect with others and relate to
the rest of the world. When different cultures meet, we may experience some discomfort and reject
different lifestyles.
Your assignment is to view the film, “The Joy Luck Club,” and write an essay to summarize the film.
The Joy Luck Club is a story about four Chinese mothers and their Chinese American
You must use examples of the following terms in your essay:
 culture shock
 symbols
 values
 folkways
 mores
 positive sanction
 negative sanction
 subculture
 marginalization
 ethnocentrism
To access the film online, go to or Amazon Prime to rent the film for $3.99.
Punctuation, grammar, spelling, style, and content are important on all assignments. It is important
for you to learn how to effectively communicate on paper as well as orally. Assignments with spelling
or grammatical errors will receive deductions.
Summarize the film in your essay and cite an example of the required terms, remembering to use
bold type to identify the terms. Use an example from the film ONCE. Do not use one example more
than once. Your summary should give the facts of what you saw or heard in the film, not your
reaction to the film. Do NOT first summarize the film and AFTERWARDS cite examples of the terms.
The examples of the terms must be in the summary. For example, you could say, “The little girl was
not included in any activities and felt removed from the group (marginalization).” Another way to
write your example is to say, “She understood how marginalization made others feel especially
isolated and lonely. Do not define the terms. Give an example of the terms while summarizing the
film. Ten points will automatically be deducted from your assignment grade if you do not follow these
very specific directions.
After discussing the film, be sure to give your reaction to the film in the conclusion. Do not interject
your feelings about the film in the body of the paper; save your response to the film for the
Your essay should begin with an engaging introductory paragraph. The introductory paragraph
should be written in a way to create enough interest in the subject matter so the reader will feel
compelled to continue reading your work. Start with a good topic sentence to inform the reader about
the subject to be discussed. The sentences that follow should add more detail to the topic sentence.
The last sentence in the introductory paragraph should be worded in a way to make a smooth
transition to the next paragraph.
Analysis of the Film
Summarize the film; however, do not describe every little detail. Describe the film as if the reader has
never seen the film and would like to know what the film is about from a sociological perspective.
This means you must first tell the story. Be sure to use the sociology terms, located on page one of
this assignment. Give a correct example from the film of each term. Also, do not give an example
which is a violation of a term rather than the term. For instance, give an example of a folkway, not a
violation of a folkway.
Example: It was important to Henry that the family supported each other during difficult times. He
encouraged his siblings to take the time to find out what they could do to help if they ran short of
money. (folkway) This is an example of a folkway, not a violation of a folkway.
The conclusion will discuss your perspective on the film. Did you enjoy this film? Why or why not?
Which group experienced marginalization more than other groups in the film? Is it realistic to assume
that all people wish to dominate others? Discuss your position. Compare racial, ethnicity, and gender
issues for characters in the film. What can we/you do to address these issues today? Please explain
your position.
If you would like to have your essay reviewed before you submit it, contact the Student Success
Center. A tutor will review your work and make recommendations (if necessary) on how you may
improve your work.
The bulleted items below must be addressed in the preparation of your paper.
 1” margins on all Microsoft Office Word documents
 title page including your name, assignment title, instructor’s name and date, centered on the
page. If you don’t know what a title page is, “google” the term
 Arial, 12-point font
 At least 3-4 COMPLETE pages of text, double spaced (not including the title page). I will not read
more than four pages of your essay.
 numbered pages
 no abbreviations
 no contractions
 no prepositions at the end of sentences
Essays must be submitted as an attachment in the Safe Assign Drop Box in the Week 9 folder on
Blackboard. The assignment is to be submitted only as a Microsoft Office Word document. I will
NOT accept papers that are emailed to my CTC address or delivered to my office or mailbox.
When you upload your essay to SafeAssign and submit it, a number will automatically be
identified in the Drop Box for your work. You should print and save your number as proof you
submitted your work. If you do not receive a number, you did not correctly submit your
assignment and will receive a zero. You must use Microsoft Word when you submit or attach any
assignment. Any other software than what I have identified above will not be accepted. If you
save your work incorrectly, if the file is corrupted or I cannot open it, you will not receive credit for
the assignment.
No late assignments will be accepted. The SafeAssign Drop Box will be accessible as early as the
first week of the term. If you need assistance accessing the Drop Box, contact me before the
deadline. I cannot help you if you wait until the weekend the assignment is due to receive assistance.
Remember, to construct your paragraphs correctly. You must have at least five (5) sentences in each
Academic honesty is a serious offense. The Student Handbook and course catalog define plagiarism
and explain academic honesty. Please refer to the policies set forth in these publications. DO NOT
READ REVIEWS ABOUT THE FILM. You are more likely to use the language of a reviewer in your
essay if you read the reviewers’ work and subsequently be guilty of plagiarism. If your assignment is
plagiarized, you will receive a zero for this assignment

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