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(The doc is available on Netflix) In this two-page, double-spaced (12-point font

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(The doc is available on Netflix) In this two-page, double-spaced (12-point font) paper, please discuss the following three themes from the documentary, American Factory, using your own ideas to synthesize (bring together) the concepts from your book with the real-world problems shown in the film. To meet the length requirement, etc., you will probably have at least one long paragraph for each theme, plus an introduction paragraph, explaining what you intend to discuss (the three themes), and a conclusion paragraph, summarizing what you discussed/learned and your takeaway from the film. This may include any opinion you’ve formed about whether you think the film was fair and accurate, the problems are big or small, can be solved, or other insights you’d like to add.
Theme #1: Clash/Cooperation of Cultures–give some examples of how people from the Chinese and middle/working class American cultures clashed and how they learned to work together toward a shared goal, and perhaps discuss what attitudes and other factors helped or hurt the chances of successfully working together.
Theme #2: Changing Economy–We live in what is called the “post-industrial” era, and the U.S. economy is predominantly a “service economy.” Please notice and comment on how very hard up the residents in Dayton were after the GM plant closed and how much of a pay cut they took (though better than unemployment) to work at the glass plant. What macro (worldwide/global) factors led to the shutdown and the expectation that workers would work for less than they had in the 1970s when U.S. factories employed millions of workers? How did the dismantling of labor unions also contribute to this downward trend in wages?
Theme #3: Structure of Work in Relation to Family and Society: Was the lack of boundaries between work and personal life in China at all disturbing to you? Notice how Chinese management had different priorities and expectations than those of the U.S. managers and workers, for instance, regarding time with family, working overtime, and safety in the workplace; discuss and give examples. Also, comment on the intertwining of corporate-produced culture, government, and family life at the Chinese company headquarters. Did this make you uneasy?

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