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This research project invites you to better understand how racial/ethnic identit

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This research project invites you to better understand how racial/ethnic identity might affect educational achievement. Your assignment is to prepare a RESEARCH PROSPECTUS as if you were to engage in a year-long, ethnographic research project in Oakland Technical High School (you will not do the actual research).
Prompt: your research proposal will explore how (variable of your choice) relating to race/ethnicity (with the option of including gender or class) facilitates or impedes academic achievement in high school.
Your final research prospectus should be between 1900 and 2200 words (6-7 pages, with 150 word leeway) typed and double-spaced. Points will be deducted from longer or shorter essays. The final version of this project is due Tuesday, Dec. 15.
I’ve included a link to the research prospectus criteria above. You can also find this file in the Research Prospectus module along with other supporting documents.
There are basic steps common to every research proposal.
1) Introduction: present your research question and tell us why it is important.
2) Literature Review (the longest section): tell us what other scholars have said about your research question. It would be an excellent strategy to point out an unanswered question in the existing research that you hope your research will address.
3) Methodology: tell us how you will gather your data to answer your research question and why this is an effective strategy for finding answers to your research question.
4) Conclusion: explain why your research question is significant. Note that because you have not yet conducted your research, you cannot answer your research question, but you can reiterate the importance of your research question, (i.e., why we should want to find an answer to your question–or, if you were submitting this proposal to a grant-giving agency, why they should fund your research!).
!!!!!!!!!READ THIS PART PLEASE–> my research question is 11) Do athletic programs help students perform better academically?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is what she means when she says (variable of your choice) in the prompt.
*ALSO* for the sample annotated bibl. document thats an example of 2 scholarly articles that you need for the essay. i couldnt figure out how to insert my document of the 2 articles i chose so here they are-
Annotated Bibliography for Academic Literature Search
Do athletic programs help students perform better academically?
Daniel H. Bowen & Collin Hitt. 2016. “History and evidence how school sports help students win.” The Phi Delta Kappan Vol. 97 No.8 pp. 8-12
These authors emphasize the commonness of public schools in the US having an interscholastic athletics program. They carry this phenomenon all the way back to the Progressive Era where school sponsored sports became a trademark of US public education. Next, they go into how creating a public school sports league symbolized a significant development for youth athletics and became a valuable component of K-12 education. According to these authors, including sports in public schools plays a vital role in adolescent character development and gives the poor and working-class adolescents something to do when they have more after-school leisure time. However, as this article goes on, there is a lot of evidence backing up the opinion that sports participation has no role in academic development and may even undermine academics.
Comment: This article may be useful in helping me identify any benefits or drawbacks school sports have on student athletes’ education. And, considering this article covers both sides, it would give me enough information to provide a counter argument for whatever side I end up making my research paper on.
Forster, Julia. 2012. “Student-Athletes & Academic Success: A comparison of the Graduation Rates, GPA and After College Success of Student-Athletes and Regular Students.” Business/Business Administration. 11.
In this article, Julia Forster quotes another source (Guttman) that considers athletes to be intrinsically educational and believes sports build character. Julia also connects certain qualities of being an athlete to how it may help students in the classroom. For instance, participation in athletics can help teach athletes/students a thing or two about loyalty, teamwork and how to perform in pressured situations. She also made another good point that connects both athletics and school- “education can be viewed as an obstacle the athletic program must overcome to keep its players eligible.” And as I kept reading this article I found some data that showed some big improvement on the academic achievement of student athletes.
Comment: Being provided quantitative data of graduation rates, GPA, and after college success of student athletes and regular students will be enough information to develop and build a strong, overarching argument.

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