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wk9Assignment: Drafting a Process Evaluation The steps for process evaluation ou

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wk9Assignment: Drafting a Process Evaluation
The steps for process evaluation outlined by Bliss and Emshoff (2002) may seem very similar to those for conducting other types of evaluation that you have learned about in this course; in fact, it is the purpose and timing of a process evaluation that most distinguish it from other types of evaluation. A process evaluation is conducted during the implementation of the program to evaluate whether the program has been implemented as intended and how the delivery of a program can be improved. A process evaluation can also be useful in supporting an outcome evaluation by helping to determine the reason behind program outcomes.
There are several reasons for conducting process evaluation throughout the implementation of a program. Chief among them is to compare the program that is being delivered to the original program plan, in order to identify gaps and make improvements. Therefore, documentation from the planning stage may prove useful when planning a process evaluation.
For this Assignment, you either build on the work that you completed in Weeks 6, 7, and 8 related to a support group for caregivers, or on your knowledge about a program with which you are familiar. Review the resource “Workbook for Designing a Process Evaluation”.
By Day 7
Submit a 4- to 5-page plan for a process evaluation. Include the following minimal information:
A description of the key program elements
A description of the strategies that the program uses to produce change
A description of the needs of the target population
An explanation of why a process evaluation is important for the program
A plan for building relationships with the staff and management
Broad questions to be answered by the process evaluation
Specific questions to be answered by the process evaluation
A plan for gathering and analyzing the information
This is my discussion from week7 work to build from
RE: Discussion – Week 7
When it comes to improving young mother’s welfare it is important to considered everything that surrounds that mother. Low income young mothers face a unique situation because they get motherhood thrown to them at a tender age. These mothers strive to satisfy their daily needs because they are unable to secure good employment opportunities because they are unable to work full time while taking care of their children. They are therefore left with no other option but to settle for low earning jobs (Ngum Chi Watts et al., 2015). Other facilities such as welfare schemes, quality health services and support groups may also not be accessible to them. There is need to improve the social welfare of young mothers so that they are able to live more fulfilling and enriching lives.
These young mothers constantly require a support system on their motherhood journey. This is through development of a program whose aim is to guide mothers through this journey and how they can improve their social welfare so that they are able to support their young families. The logic model should be aligned towards solving these challenges for young mothers.
Figure 1: Illustrating the Logic Model for Young mothers
The expected outcome for this model is an improved approach to motherhood. Research on young mothers’ show that they are often exposed to challenges that make them frown upon motherhood (Simmons, 2020). On top of not being able to cater satisfactorily for the needs of their children, they are not able to embrace motherhood. Children present an extra burden of responsibility that they are often not prepared to welcome. Furthermore, they are likely to face mental and emotional distress that makes them unable to concentrate on their jobs.
The outcomes of this logic model are divided into two short term and long term outcomes. For the short come outcomes, the model proposes an increased awareness of support systems. Many mothers tend to know about the existence of these support systems but the main challenge is lack of an enabling environment that would allow young mothers to embrace these groups as a safe haven for them rather than a source of ridicule. Consequently, they are able to seek help whenever they run into challenges. The long term outcome is improved social life and capacity so that these young women are able to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives for themselves and their children.
Ngum Chi Watts, M. C., Liamputtong, P., & Mcmichael, C. (2015). Early motherhood: A qualitative study exploring the experiences of African Australian teenage mothers in greater Melbourne, Australia. BMC Public Health, 15(1).***
Simmons, H. (2020). Listening to mothers: Reflections on motherhood and support for new mothers. Surveillance of Modern Motherhood, 143-157.***_7

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