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peer 1: Elizabeth Lovins RE: Discussion – Week 8 COLLAPSE In social work, super

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peer 1: Elizabeth Lovins RE: Discussion – Week 8
In social work, supervision serves several functions, including ensuring services received by the client are ethical and appropriate and adjusting services and treatment plans accordingly. Additionally, supervision allows supervisees to process thoughts, feelings, and emotions surrounding sessions and their interactions with clients. It also allows supervisees to work with their supervisor to evaluate their competency and utilization of social work skills and techniques (National Association of Social Workers and Association of Social Work Boards, 2013).
The Levy case study video provides a brief interaction between the social work supervisor and their supervisee in which the supervisee expresses the reaction they are having to intense sensory information provided during session (Laureate Education, 2014c). As the social work supervisor in this scenario, exploring the supervisees reaction to the session would entail examining the supervisee’s sense of self, and how it is affected by the given scenario. This would involve identification of the supervisee’s personality traits, beliefs, and attitudes that contribute to their work with individuals (McTighe, 2011). The identification and exploration of these aspects, along with the processing of the supervisee’s session with the client can provide the supervisor with insight into the case and an understanding of the supervisee’s reactions to the sensory information provided. Together, the supervisor and supervisee can process how to proceed with the client and create a treatment plan utilizing the supervisee’s identified self and integrating this into therapeutic services (McTighe, 2011). References
Laureate Education (Producer). (2014c). Sessions: Levy (Episode 5 of 42) [Video file]. Retrieved from
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Jasmin Privott RE: Discussion – Week 8
In a social work supervision role, one is supposed to guide, lead, and support social workers when confronted with challenging cases. The supervisory relationship is built on trust, confidentiality, and respect. It’s also a time to empathize on the social worker experience however, also provide constructive feedback (NASW, 2013) Supervision, allows time for social workers to reflect, update, and gain advice from seasoned social work professionals. In this case, the social worker discussed in supervision, her challenges with working with an army vet who suffers from PTSD. Though, she has experience working with veterans, this particular case has been weighing on her mind, and she’s doesn’t know how to stop thinking about it (Laureate Education, 2014). As a social work supervisor, the supervisor should empathize, and guide the social worker to allow some time to reflect on the case, and then try to emotionally separate herself from it. This case appears to be emotionally triggering for this social worker, and the supervisor should acknowledge her concerns. The supervisor should suggest the social worker develop more self-awareness, understand those triggers, and learn to separate one’s emotions from the problem. The supervisor should suggest, the social worker develop a self-care routine as well. Lastly, the supervisor should advise the social worker if the client agreed, to have the wife attend a session to gain her perspective, and a clear picture of their relationship. Then this might help alleviate some of the anxiety the social worker has about the case.
Since the social worker appears experienced, the social work supervisor, should meet with the social worker twice a month for an hour. This would allow the social worker enough time to address any pressing issues on her cases. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for social work administers to have supervisory with all staff due to other administrative duties.(Kadushin, Berger, Gilbert & de St. Aubin 2009). This could be why the supervisor appears to be so dismissive towards the social worker. Therefore, if there are any other pressing issues, the supervisor should direct her to another supervisor, or suggest a peer support group for additional support if she is still challenged by this case. This writer understands how challenging some cases can be, and when sharing these issues with peers who can relate, it can decrease stress (Kadushin, Berger, Gilbert & de St. Aubin 2009). Moreover, suggesting peer support can help provide the social worker additional support, knowledge, and advice. References:
Laureate Education (Producer). (2014c). Sessions: Levy (Episode 5 of 42) [Video file]. Retrieved from
National Association of Social Workers Association of Social Work Boards (2013) Best Practice Standards in Social Work Supervision
Goldie Kadushin, Candyce Berger, Carlean Gilbert & Mark de St. Aubin (2009) Models and Methods in Hospital Social Work Supervision, The Clinical Supervisor, 28:2, 180-199, DOI: 10.1080/07325220903324660
Read a selection of your colleagues’ posts.
Respond to at least two colleagues with a thoughtful question or suggestion that builds on your colleague’s strategy for debriefing.
Return to this Discussion to read the responses to your initial post. Note what you have learned and/or any insights you gained as a result of the comments your colleagues made.

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