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Download the following assignment and fill in the answers to the questions as yo

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Download the following assignment and fill in the answers to the questions as you read the chapters in your book and the article links. When finished, please upload your completed version as a .doc file and submit to this assignment. You may use either a different color or font to differentiate between the question and your answer. Make sure to display the question and then the answer for each bullet.
For your reference, under the Files tab, in the “Grading Policies” folder, there is a rubric for how the reading assignments will be graded labeled “Reading Assignment Rubric.” This rubric and grading scheme will be used for all reading assignments throughout the semester. All reading assignments for the semester can also be found under the Files tab in the “Reading Assignments” folder. Feel free to work ahead on these.
PHS 111: History of Science
Reading Assignment 14
Directions: Use the Ede textbook (cited below) for all sections unless otherwise noted. Answer each question as you read the chapter sections. When you are finished, submit your completed reading assignment. For more information and a rubric, please see the Grading Policies folder located in the Files tab on Canvas.
Ede, Andrew and Lesley Cormack. A History of Science in Society: From Philosophy to Utility 3rd Edition. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2017.
“Mapping the Universe” p. 335-337
• Describe the debate between the stead state and big bang theories. What was each theory? Who was involved on each side?
“Women in Science” p. 356-359
• What role in science did women typically have?
• How did this change after WWII?
“Conclusion” p. 384
• How has science evolved?
Use the library databases and external resources to answer the following questions:
• The apparent trend of galaxy recession was confirmed by astronomer Edwin Hubble in 1929. How?
• What is the Big Bang Theory? What is the primary evidence for it?
• Who was Georges Lemaitre? What is George Gamow’s tie to him?
• What is the stead-state theory?
• Who is Sir Fred Hoyle?
• Describe Arno Penzias’ and Robert Wilson’s contributions to the Big Bang Theory.

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