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Ok I really just need you to answer the 2nd question and which is chapter 11 in

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Ok I really just need you to answer the 2nd question and which is chapter 11 in the digital book that I have provided at the bottom. With question 4 just do what you do and on 5 just make up whatever you think work for a freshman level religion class. Can only use the book as a source as well. So this is an essay paper and I have a group section I will be adding into it but please set it up as you normally do and cite at the end.
2. Atheism. In the chapter, Prothero uses the terms “non-theism” and “atheism” for different moments or figures. What’s the difference between these terms? Demonstrate the distinction with one specific example of each term. Then say why they are related as stances toward religion and the world.
4. Comparison. Pick two items from traditions in different Prothero groupings. Example: Buddhism (release) and Islam (repair). Do not pick Atheism for this question. With your two traditions, select something specific in both traditions and compare them. That something can be a ritual, a core belief, a community structure, an historical event, etc. But pick two like things: compare ritual to ritual, not belief to historical event. In your comparison, discuss why the similar elements are similar and how the different elements differ. Then, make one small inference on the basis of your comparison. Your comparison shows that ______ because of similarities X, Y, and Z and dissimilarities a, b, and c. That’s what your inference will look like.
5. Assessment. What did you learn? What’s your main take-away from the course material and tasks? Look for things that surprised you, that made you rethink something, or perhaps that you wanted to argue with. (I grade this kind of question very gently, but you do have to get any facts that you reference straight.)
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