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Initial assignment was asked to analyze (critique) 2 of the following concepts f

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Initial assignment was asked to analyze (critique) 2 of the following concepts from chapter 8 of The Church As Learning Community by Norma Cook Everist,
1. Laos in ministry (p.294)
2. Vocation (p.296)
3. Vocational Discernment as an Educational Task (p.290)
ANALYZE – (a critical assessment) Questions to consider in your analysis:
1. Are the concepts relevant, realistic, manageable? Why/Why not?
2. Which concept(s) resonate with you? Why/Why not?
3. Which concept(s) do not resonate with you? Why/Why not?
You are now being ask to provide discussion reply to each of the post listed below by other students from  Chapter 8, of “The Church As Learning Community” by Norma Cook Everist,
This is a discussion Form assignment, requiring graduate level writing responses.
Reply with 130 words for each post.
In 130 words, respond to the below post #1: 
Post #1 For years, the church has used various language and rhetoric to describe individuals’ roles in the church. Within the church, there are members, missionaries, deacons, pastors, and educators whose positions play a significant role in its community. Sadly, these positions would be considered hierarchal, leaving and viewing others as powerless and voiceless.  However, the church must dismantle exclusionary language and redefine terminologies used in the church that marginalize those who do not hold a high position or any position at all in the church. The two concepts that I will critique are: laos in ministry and vocation.
The initial concept which is laos in ministry is important because the church must understand that laos means all people. Too many churches have adopted white normative hierarchal thinking, where they excluded many individuals who do not hold a dominant position in a specific system or structure. For example, the term people of God has often been utilized to characterize pastors, first ladies, and others who are constantly serving in within the church. The church must be committed to expressing who are the people of God, to aid everyone in knowing that they are a part of God’s creation.  I did not resonate with Everist approach about persons regaining their fitting place in the church because the hierarchal language he utilized exposes how the church continues to manipulate and marginalize individuals, without giving them the opportunity to find their own space in the church. People of God should have the agency to claim and create space.
The last concept which is vocation is significant because many have limited vocation to the physical building of the church and behind the pulpit. The vocation is also, outside of the physical walls of the church, it is wherever and whatever one is called to do. For example, many would say that Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, or Beyonce do not have a vocation because their vocation does not parallel with the typical church definition of vocation. However, their music has contributed to a divine shift for Black women. I resonate with this concept because one must understand that a vocation can be in the classroom, courtroom, studio room, or a living room. And these are spaces where God has called many individuals. 
130 words, respond to the below post #2:
Post #2 The concept of “vocation” is often made difficult to understand by its varied uses in modern language. Some people view “vocational” schools that prepare you for specific jobs/trades as an alternative to four-year liberal arts colleges. Many clergypeople speak of their jobs as “vocational ministry.” Those who hold pastorates while they maintain secular jobs refer to themselves as “bivocational.” Each of these three uses illustrates the ways that we view “vocation” as a financial endeavor, rather than a spiritual one. However, when we view vocation as calling, we are able to emphasize God’s role in how we occupy our time. Centering God’s role in calling us to an occupation, we have provided the avenue for making Christian education relevant to the learning community once they leave the campus and conduct their daily lives and routines.
The idea of “vocational discernment as educational task” serves as a goal towards which objectives can be targeted. Curriculum resources devoted to increasing knowledge bases may well have their place, but without doing the work of making learning applicational, we fail in the task of making disciples. The most pragmatically and spiritually advantageous aspect of making vocational discernment a focus of Christian education is that it makes the idea of vocation communal. Just as many church bodies do not license or ordain ministers until the community has affirmed their calling and ability, vocational discernment as an educational task vests the community with a heightened interest in affirming the gifts of the people around them. It is important that this work and task not center on discussing the work lives of every person, but rather on homing in on what it is that they have been called to do. This distinction allows us to avoid the mundane act of career days masked as Sunday School/affinity groups and to instead begin the intimate work of knowing one another for the purpose of edification, affirmation, and encouragement.

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