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You will be constructing a portfolio with 6 entries showing encounters with psyc

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You will be constructing a portfolio with 6 entries showing encounters with psychological principles in your real-world experiences. Psychology is everywhere in your life, and this assignment is my attempt to challenge you to seek it out and identify it. When you watch your favorite movie, hear a favorite song, or read your favorite magazine—I challenge you to look for the psychological principles hidden in them.
You will find 6 different media examples that highlight something we learned in class. The media examples must touch on 6 different modules. I want to see that you have engaged in all the course content throughout the semester To help you identify psychological principles in the real world
Help you evaluate how psychology interacts in your life every day
To get comfortable with thinking critically about the psychological concepts we learned in class
To create a cohesive argument to relate two things (the media example, and the concept at hand)
Your media examples can come from almost anywhere. There are only a few rules to apply:
The source content must be appropriate for the classroom. If you have questions if something is appropriate, please clear it with me before including it. No nudity, no extreme gore, etc. I am okay with some adult language, but keep it to a minimum.
You must be able to provide me with the media example. For instance, if you are talking about a song—provide me with a YouTube link to it, or the lyrics. If you are talking about a magazine article, scan it and send it to me. If you are talking about a TV show or movie, provide me with a clip on YouTube, a published synopsis of the scene you are discussing, etc. If there is something on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, or Spotify—I can access it. You must tell me the source, name of show/song, and the “time-stamp” for the scene you want me to view. If you want to know if I could access something not listed—ask me! I will let you know.
Please do not use all one media source—I would like to see AT LEAST 3 different types of media used (TV, Movie, Song, Radio program, Podcast, Magazine Article, Commercial, Billboard, etc…)
For each, it is important that you include the name of the media, how I can locate it (or attach it yourself), the concept it relates to, and the module that the psychological concept comes from. All of this should clearly be marked at the top of the paper before beginning your writing. See samples for example! The content of your review should include a very brief summary of the media, 1-2 sentences. I will be looking at the media myself so don’t waste too much time describing it. Each media example review should be at minimum 1 double-spaced page each. The whole portfolio thus should be a minimum of 6 double-spaced pages.

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