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General Instructions: Below are a variety of discussion topics related to chapte

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General Instructions: Below are a variety of discussion topics related to chapters 11, 12, and 13. You should choose one of these topics and thoroughly addressing all aspects of that item in at least 2-3 well-written paragraphs.
Chapter 11 – Stress: An alien just landed on earth (and somehow speaks English). The alien does not understand what stress is and claims to have never experienced it. In your own words, explain what stress is to the alien. Explain why and when people experience stress. Explain the human stress response to the alien including which parts of the (human) brain and nervous system are involved. Perhaps these systems have not evolved in the alien species. Confused, the alien doesn’t understand why humans would have evolved such a response. Give at least one explanation for why we (humans) have evolved a stress response and why stress might be beneficial under certain circumstances.
Chapter 12 – Big 5 Personality Inventory. Complete the online personality inventory at: Write a summary of your results on each of the Big 5 personality dimensions (e.g., what percent of people are less open than me?). What do you think about your results? Do you think they accurately reflect your personality? Why or why not?
Chapter 13 – Social Psychology. World War III has just broken out! Nuclear bombs are dropping all over the world. Thankfully, our class is able to quickly run for a bomb shelter that will keep us safe for several years. The shelter can hold the whole class plus 8 other people. However, 13 people (listed below) come asking to be let in. You need to quickly decide who you will let into the shelter. It is entirely possible that the 8 people you choose might be the people left to start the human race over again. Try to make the best choice possible and decide which of the 8 people below you would like to let in. Write a list of who you would let in and why you would pick them. Explain why you would not pick the other people. Based on what you read in Chapter 13, what social psychology concepts explain your answers to this problem or can be applied to this situation? In your post be sure to highlight 2-3 specific concepts from this chapter, defining them and discussing how they factored into your decision-making process.
19 year-old mother and 8 month old baby (counts as one spot)
20 year-old husband and father of above Mother and child. Unemployed.
16 year-old movie star
33 year old expert plumber, carpenter, mason, welder and mechanic who is disabled from an accident on the job.
33 year old high school science teacher
77 year old Unitarian minister
57 year old Historian – expert on all history and languages
39 year old 3rd year medical student who recently flunked out of med school.
24 year old body builder who has won competitions
67 year old retired officer now security guard, has a gun
21 year-old female cheerleader
31- year-old parolee who just got out of jail for growing marijuana
Chapter 13 – Standford Prison Experiment: Read about the Stanford Prison Experiment by going through the slide show on the website . In your own words, summarize the goals of this experiment and what actually happened. (This should be a full paragraph.) Given all of this, what can we learn about how roles affect our behavior? Highlight 2-3 concepts from this chapter, defining them and discussing how they relate to this experiment. Do you think that the findings of this study apply to behavior of actual inmates and correctional officers in real prisons and jails?

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