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Post #3
Compare your own case to a group member’s example Post #4
Compare your o

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Post #3
Compare your own case to a group member’s example
Post #4
Compare your own case to a group member’s example
My own case:
In 2020, America experienced various cases that can be termed as incidences of genocide violence (Bates, 2020). As written in “TIME,” most violent cases have occurred in America in 2020 (Bates, 2020). Despite most deaths caused by the COVID—19 pandemic, gun violence has increased significantly in the community causing more than 19000 death cases. People have been killed in fire-arm related incidences, which depicts a higher death toll in over 20 years. Mass shootings have increased by more than 50% compared to 2019 (Bates, 2020). Most of these incidences are driven by ethnicity and racial basis. In America, the target of the black community has caused multiple protests against the issue. The incidences of genocidal violence have exacerbated disparities that have been present in history. 68% of the black community are victims of homicide cases, especially in large cases such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Detroit (Bates, 2020). The cases also depict the issue of gender, where women are also a subject of violence incidences.
Group Member number 1:
Darfur Genocide
The Darfur genocide is the systemic killing of the Darfuris in westen Sudan. The genocide started in 2003 and is still going on today. Estimates put the death toll between 100,000- 400,000 people. According to an article by BBC News, last month, after 13 years trying to keep the peace, the UN and African Union decided to withdraw their peacekeepers from that area. Less than three weeks after they left, violence erupted once again, with the reported dead last week of 83 people and over 100 wounded. Even though the Darfur genocide overall does have a gender dimension to it, the current fighting the article mentions doesn’t have a gender dimension to it.
The article mentions that the fighting started in a camp of displaced by the Darfur conflict. It started with two men who began fighting and it progressed to the militias getting involved in the fight. People predict that the number of dead is going to keep rising in the coming weeks. The Sudanese Professionals Association wants the transitional government to stop armed groups from being able to freely roam and terrorize civilians.
Group member 2:
The Chinese government has been enlarging the concentration camps and suppressing the Uighur Muslims minority in Xinjiang ,China. Chinese call these camps “political education” camps. In 2018 the Human rights watch described the Chinese governments mass arbitrary detention, torture, forced political indoctrination, and mass surveillance of Xinjiangs Muslims as stated in the article. About one million Uighur have been interned since 2017 in more than 85 camps in china, also the Chinese government denied the construction of these concentration camps and denied that they existed. Members of Muslim monitory say that they are detained, interrogated and beaten due to there religion. Uighurs speaks two languages which are dived by territory Standard Xinjiang and Standard Soviet, most are influenced by Mandarin Chinese while others are spoken in mostly Kazakhstan.
Xijiang came under control of China since it was annexed in 1949. The Uighur are targeted because China claims to see them as threat to security. In 2017 the government of Xinjiang passed law prohibiting the growth of long beards and women to wear veils and many mosques where demolished. Chinese authority still enjoy impunity of the rights violation. Muslim and the majority countries including democracies like Malaysia and Indonesia have remained quiet. The United States is the only one that has imposed some sanctions on police and companies in Xinjiang. After reading and doing a bit more research on Genocide in Xinjiang i came to the conclusion that there is Demographic Genocide as stated in an article it says that last year they found that the state if Xinjiang ” regularly subjects minority women to pregnancy checks, and forces intraunterine devices, sterilization and even abortions on hundred of thousands” and “If ethnic minorities have to many children they are threatened with interment.

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