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Please answer each question individually and label each answer as WIDI, W1D2 ect

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Please answer each question individually and label each answer as WIDI, W1D2 ect. Please use intext citations in each answer and include the resources given.
Examine at least three types of traditional policing approaches and outline the theory and key concepts of each traditional policing approach. Are these various approaches effective? Why or why not? Explain why it may it be difficult for researchers and policy makers to change the perception of the public and law enforcement agencies regarding traditional policing theories and approaches?
There are alternatives to traditional policing approaches that include proactive, directed, and creative policing approaches. While these alternatives are improvements in crime control, these approaches have been under-researched. Research alternatives to traditional policing approaches and explain, if these alternatives are effective in reducing crime, why there is limited research in these areas. Outline some obstacles that researchers may face. Choose one of the following: proactive arrests, directed patrol, the Broken Windows law enforcement approach, partnering, the use of technology and less lethal weapons, or COMPSTAT and describe one research idea that would assist in expanding or furthering our understating of this alternative policing method.
Worrall, J. L. (2015). Crime control in America: What works? (3rd ed.). Pearson Education, Inc.
Jang, H., Hoover, L. T., & Hee-Jong, J. (2010). An evaluation of Compstat’s effect on crime: The Ft. Worth experience. Police Quarterly, 13(4), 387-412.
Marshall, D. [Debra Marshall]. (2013, July 5). Crime and deviance: A sociological perspective (Links to an external site.) [Video]. YouTube.
The readings outlined some examples of legislative attempts at crime control. Some of these attempts have been controversial, and may have stemmed from a push from the media regarding the horrific nature of the crimes. One example to this is the laws that various states have enacted to harshly penalize sexual offenders, such as Megan’s and Jessica’s laws. Explain the controversy behind these two laws. Your response must include at least two, outside, scholarly sources to support your findings. Explain the motivation behind the development and implementation of these laws. Outline how these laws use the concept of shame as an attempt at crime control.
According to the readings, evidence suggests that sanctions without a significant rehabilitation component do little to affect recidivism rates in community corrections clients. Illustrate how the probation and parole systems need to enhance the rehabilitation components of each system. Outline the roadblocks to rehabilitation within these systems. Explain how society and our current parole system are equipped or not equipped for offenders to obtain treatment, rehabilitation, and reintegration into communities following their release from prison. Your primary response must be at least four, substantive paragraphs in length.
Sung, H. (2011). From diversion to reentry: Recidivism risks among graduates of an alternative to incarceration program. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 22(2), 219-234.
(n.d.). Center for court innovation (Links to an external site.).

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