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As you’ve learned, we divide the study of lifespan development into three broad

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As you’ve learned, we divide the study of lifespan development into three broad categories: conception through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood to death. In this assignment, you will be looking at the first broad category, which is conception through childhood, and applying your research to compare and contrast two of the lifespan theorists.
Later in this course, you will have this assignment again but applied to the other broad categories.
Step One:
Please choose two theorists from the list below. You may select different theorists or keep these for the subsequent assignments.
Freud’s psychosexual stage theory
Erikson’s psychosocial stage theory
Kohlberg’s moral understanding stage theory
Piaget’s cognitive development stage theory
Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory
Step Two:
Research your selected theorists. The embedded text in this course will help, and you may also use resources from the approved list of websites given to you in your syllabus:
Here is an approved list of websites that you are allowed to use for research in addition to .edu or .gov resources:
Websites never to use in this course include :
Please do NOT use the following websites for any research paper or to fulfill the scholarly reference requirement. If you do, there will be deductions. These are NOT scholarly resources:
About psychology or allaboutpsychology. com
Paper Generators
Step Three:
Use the template to write your paper.
Title Page
Introduction to your lifespan span (birth through childhood)
Overview of your two theorists and their theories
Body Paragraph One:
Identify the parts of each theory that are relevant to this lifespan stage.
Body Paragraph Two:
Discuss the similarities of the theorists and their theoretical stages in relation to this particular lifespan timespan.
Give specific examples of each of the similar stages. (How would an infant/toddler/early childhood child demonstrate that he/she was in X stage for X theorist, which parallels X stage for X theorist?)
Body Paragraph Three:
Contrast the theoretical stages in relation to this particular lifespan stage. Where are there differences between what your two theorists believe?
Give specific examples of each of the stages where the theorists differ. (How would an infant/toddler/early childhood child demonstrate that he/she was in X stage for X theorist, but according to theorist #2, a child would behave like this in this stage?)
Summarize the key points from your essay. Why would knowing these stages be important?
Other important things to note:
This assignment is a WORD document that is attached and submitted through safe assign (check the plagiarism tool box before hitting submit). pdf or other document types will NOT be accepted.
I expect a title page, reference page (with more than just Siegler as this is extra research oriented), citations within the paragraphs, etc. according to APA format.
I also expect the headings as given in your template for the paper.
Except for the initial introduction that asks you to talk briefly about your lifespan related to the stage, the rest of the paper should follow formal language without “I, we, you,” etc. Avoid contractions – instead of “can’t,” use “cannot,” etc.
Use your own words rather than rely on quotations or copying and pasting or just changing a few words – that is considered plagiarism.
Show me your understanding of the content in simple words.
You final product should be a 2-3 page paper, not including your title page or reference page.
*You will be submitting this paper to SafeAssign. If your originality report returns above 15% I will automatically evaluate your sources. Please make sure you are correctly embedding and documenting with in-text citations your sources.
This is a great resource for APA format. If you don’t know APA, please rely heavily on this website.

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