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PURPOSE: A research proposal is an important document that provides a detailed d

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PURPOSE: A research proposal is an important document that provides a detailed description of your research project. Proposals can vary in terms of structure and style, depending on the purpose, methodology and audience. A good proposal should be clear, well written, well justified in terms of topic and method, and have a clear timetable and well-developed budget (if you are applying for funding).
TASK: For your final assignment in PSYCH 2: Research Methods, you will submit a 2×2 between-subject factorial design experimental proposal based on the topic assigned to you at the beginning of the semester. I have posted examples of a past student literature review (Introduction Example.pdf). While you start the process of structuring your introduction and literature review of your proposal, please use this as a tool to help you structure yours and elaborate on to understand the purpose of those sections (Literature Review 101.pdf).
CRITERIA: Before submitting please make sure you have reviewed the (Research Methods Proposal Guidelines.pdf). Also, take a look at the rubric for the assignment.  You should have around 8 pages not including your title page and references. The title of your proposal should be short and explanatory. It can hint at your research question, your methodology and your research population. If you are struggling to choose a title, brainstorm possible titles and choose the best! This assignment is worth a total of 100 points.
FOR EXAMPLE (Student EX ResearchProposal.pdf):
2- 3 Pages – Introduction/Literature Review
2 Pages – Methods
1 Page Results
2 Discussion
When writing your research proposal, and reviewing the proposal of your peer, make sure that the following questions can be answered:
Has it been made clear that the research will add to existing knowledge or generate new knowledge on this topic?
Does the proposal illustrate comprehensive knowledge of the background literature and/or the topic to be researched?
Is the hypothesis clear, succinct and unambiguous?
Have methodological limitations been highlighted?
Is information about the data collection method(s) sufficiently detailed?
Is information about the data analysis method(s) sufficiently detailed?
APA Format: Style
The entire paper is double-spaced with 1″ margins. The font is Size 12 and in New Times Roman. The whole document has the correct pagination.
APA Format: Title Page
The title of the proposal is centered along with the student name, department, and school name.
APA Format: References
The in-text citations are in correct APA format following the APA manual. The proposal has a minimum of ten (10) credible, accurate, and appropriate (e.g., peer-reviewed) sources. All cited sources on the reference page follow the APA formatting guidelines set in the APA manual. All sources cited in the body of the proposal are included on the reference page.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroduction
The introduction is engaging and gains attention. It summarizes past research and links the problem with past research. In addition, describes the basic purpose of the current experiment along with the hypothesis that identifies the variable of interest.
There is a full description of potential participants and study site. It elaborates on the type of design including the IVs, DVs, conditions, and operational definitions. It lays out the materials such as measures and instrumentation and description of the experimental packet. Lastly, it discusses the procedures of how will the experiment be performed.
There is a section for planned analysis that highlights what statistical test(s) will be used and the variables that are being compared.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDiscussion
The discussion talks about what are some of the anticipated implications of the study. In addition, it identifies some of the proposed study strengths and limitations .
Writing Mechanics
Writing Mechanics refers to style, standard grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage. The language of the proposal is academically appropriate such use of formal without being “wordy”, free of slang, contractions, personal pronouns, “you” . In addition, the proposal should avoid errors as it relates to syntax, grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, mechanics, organization, and clarity.
Peer Review
Student participated in the peer review portion of the assignment of another student research proposal and answered the questions.

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