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Hi, I upload the steps for the assignment and I uploaded the reading that I choo

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Hi, I upload the steps for the assignment and I uploaded the reading that I choose WHITENESS AS PROPERTY pdf for this assignment
Select ONE of the readings below and produce a short 500 word essay on the opinion or reading. I expect this assignment to take 5 to 6 hours, depending on which reading you select. Some are longer and more difficult than others. Some of the readings are academic articles, which are written by scholars in political science or law or a related field. The other readings are court opinions. Those tackling the longer readings will get 7 extra POINTS on this assignment.
Step One: Identify a thesis or argument that you would like to develop in your essay.
For example, the MacKinnon essay suggests that women aren’t still fully human because they are subjected to so many human rights abuses. You could take that observation and build on it, by offering an explanation for HOW to bring women to fully-human status. You could challenge her underlying conclusion by arguing against the idea that the violence is evidence of subhuman status. You could reflect on times where, as a woman, you might have felt “less than human,” or refute that MacKinnon’s observations can be generalized to all women. There are many, many other ways you can discuss this reading, these are just a few. The goal of the assignment is to encourage you to engage your critical faculties in thinking about these writings. Summary won’t do! Use all of the techniques we discussed in Module 1 and 2 to develop your thesis.
Step Two: Develop an outline of your paper.
Identify how you will organize and support, paragraph by paragraph, the thesis you developed. If, in the example above, you wish to refute that MacKinnon’s observations apply to all women, you will need to support that assertion. What in her article provides support for your counter-argument? What other sources/information would support your contention? (Note: if you can’t find support for the thesis you started with, then it may be that your thesis is not viable, in which case you may need to develop a new one. For this reason, don’t be surprised if Step Two leads you back to Step One.)
Step Three: Draft the essay.
Focus on trying to produce a one paragraph summary of your thesis. Ex: “Author Catharine MacKinnon argues that high levels of violence against women reflects hatred of women, but MacKinnon’s discussion ignores whether gender was the primary motivation of the violence or whether other factors (poverty, colonialism, etc.) might also explain the abuse.” Notice that I am accurately characterizing her central contention but also critiquing it.
Notice also that once you have this first sentence, you know more or less where to go next, that is, I need to PROVE/SUPPORT my thesis. For example, MacKinnon said women are abused in the home regardless of social class or culture. Even if that is true, does it necessarily prove that the violence is motivated by misogyny? Suppose data indicate that poor women ARE abused more. If all women are abused because of men’s hatred for them, why would there be different levels of violence among poorer women and richer women? Does MacKinnon give enough consideration to that distinction or to the other factors that exacerbate the violence? Why does it matter if she doesn’t? Answer: Because she may be wrongly identifying the primary cause of women’s abuse as men’s hatred (misogyny) of women. Notice that my counter-argument rests on data (that I am making up but probably does exist somewhere) that poor women are abused more often than rich women.) If that data doesn’t exist, I have to find another argument.
Step Four: Revise your essay.
Ideally you should revise your essay at least twice. You can begin that process by asking someone else to read it and ask them to explain what you said. Don’t ask them if it is GOOD! Ask them if they can tell you what it said. If they give you a one or two sentence answer, your essay is probably too superficial, i.e., you summarized too much or glossed over important questions that deserved further thought. If they didn’t understand what you said, then you need to work on improving the clarity of your writing. Attempt to use all of the tips I offered on the Module 4 page and avoid all the errors listed as well.
Step Five: Let it sit for a day or two.
Be prepared to modify your essay, maybe substantially, maybe lightly. But letting it sit is essential to getting to your very best quality of work.
Step Six: Upload!
Please selection from one of the following:
Morse v. Frederick.pdf

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