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Quiz Instructions
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Question 11 pts
(Q001) Congress’s ability to pass laws necessary to carry out its expressed powers is known as the __________ clause.
Group of answer choices
expressed powers
delegated powers
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Question 21 pts
(Q002) In the debate between Federalists and Antifederalists over limited government,
Group of answer choices
Antifederalists wanted the powers of the national government to be broad and unlimited.
Federalists favored a national government that was carefully specified and limited.
Antifederalists considered a bill of rights to be unnecessary.
Federalists favored a national government with broad powers.
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Question 31 pts
(Q003) Which of the following most demonstrated the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, leading to the Constitutional Convention?
Group of answer choices
Boston Massacre
Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle of Gettysburg
Shays’s Rebellion
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Question 41 pts
(Q004) The Articles of Confederation
Group of answer choices
promoted a strong executive government.
created a strong central government.
maintained state independence, freedom, and sovereignty.
created a nationwide judiciary.
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Question 51 pts
(Q005) The Bill of Rights mollified concerns about
Group of answer choices
an overly powerful central government.
conflict between branches of the federal government.
the weakness of government, as exemplified by Shays’s Rebellion.
blurring the political lines between the branches of government.
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Question 61 pts
(Q006) The core component of the Virginia Plan was that
Group of answer choices
individual state laws would supersede national law.
each state would be equally represented in the new regime, regardless of the size of its population.
a weak central government would be needed to protect individual states from aristocratic tyranny.
it provided for a system of representation in the national legislature based on the population of each state, the proportion of each state’s revenue contribution to the national government, or both.
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Question 71 pts
(Q007) The executive leader or presiding officer specified by the Articles of Confederation
Group of answer choices
did not exist; the Articles specified no executive leader.
was appointed by the state legislatures.
was appointed by Congress.
enjoyed the support of popular opinion.
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Question 81 pts
(Q008) The New England-based merchants and southern planters
Group of answer choices
organized together in support of the taxes imposed by the Stamp and Sugar Acts.
were key rivals that comprise the Jeffersonians and Antifederalists, respectively.
opposed different factions within Parliament.
organized together in opposition to taxes imposed by the Stamp Act and the Sugar Act.
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Question 91 pts
(Q009) Marbury v. Madison (1803) established which power that was not expressly written in the Constitution?
Group of answer choices
executive prerogative
judicial review
congressional supremacy
states’ rights
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Question 101 pts
(Q010) Under the Great Compromise, the Senate
Group of answer choices
became the arena for large states to dominate.
was an arena wherein large and small states would compete on equal footing.
differed very little from representation patterns in the Articles of Confederation.
could be overruled by the House of Representatives.
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Question 111 pts
(Q011) Which of the following did the Antifederalists most vigorously disapprove of?
Group of answer choices
the elastic clause
the Tenth Amendment
Article V of the Constitution
Article III of the Constitution
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Question 121 pts
(Q012) Which of the following statements about the Declaration of Independence is accurate?
Group of answer choices
It made no attempts to forge a national or American unity for fear of creating another monarchy to replace the British one.
It used the language of Britain’s own constitution against it by asserting that individual citizens possess certain inalienable rights.
It specifically identified and focused on grievances, aspirations, and principles that might unify the various colonial groups.
It was written jointly by members of the First Continental Congress and adopted by the Second Continental Congress.
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Question 131 pts
(Q013) States are granted the right to powers not given to the national government by the Constitution through which of the following?
Group of answer choices
First Amendment
Declaration of Independence
Three-Fifths Compromise
Tenth Amendment
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Question 141 pts
(Q014) Which of the following structural aspects was established for the legislature by the Constitution?
Group of answer choices
Senators were given four-year terms of office.
The Senate was given the sole power to generate revenue bills.
The Senate was given the power to approve presidential appointments.
The House was given the power to ratify treaties.
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Question 151 pts
(Q015) If you supported ratification of the Constitution and preferred a stronger national government than the Articles of Confederation provided, you would most likely belong to which group?
Group of answer choices
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Question 161 pts
(Q016) Citizens and the media today often frown on congressional deliberations and government’s slow pace. What might the Founders argue about the slow pace of government?
Group of answer choices
It may be a benefit because it compels government to take many interests and viewpoints into account when making policies.
It is a hindrance to democracy and more authoritative government is needed.
Government inaction leads to a decline in citizen wellbeing.
Such a slow pace of government is the reason they set congressional term limits.
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Question 171 pts
(Q017) The Federalist Papers were written by
Group of answer choices
John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison.
John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson.
Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison.
Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and James Madison.
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Question 181 pts
(Q018) Which of the following actions did the delegates of the first Continental Congress take?
Group of answer choices
They declared independence from Great Britain.
They called for a total boycott of British goods.
They elected George Washington as general of the Colonial Army.
They wrote the pamphlet Common Sense, which argued for independence from British rule.
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Question 191 pts
(Q019) The focus of the Declaration of Independence on “life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” was most inspired by which political philosopher?
Group of answer choices
Thomas Hobbes
Alexis de Tocqueville
John Locke
Edmund Burke
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Question 201 pts
(Q020) A president who enacts a veto over legislation proposed by Congress is using which of the following constitutional principles?
Group of answer choices
reserved powers
national supremacy
checks and balances.
executive privilege
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Question 211 pts
(Q021) If Congress wants to create a law based on constitutional principles that are not expressly mentioned in the text, what power does it use to do so?
Group of answer choices
establishment clause
national supremacy clause
congressional powers clause
elastic clause
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Question 221 pts
(Q022) If you were living in colonial America, what issue more than any other would most likely motivate you to rebel against Great Britain?
Group of answer choices
foreign alliances
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Question 231 pts
(Q023) Which of the following statements is true about the Three-Fifths Compromise?
Group of answer choices
It settled the question of how many senators each state would get.
It created a system to elect the president of the United States.
Under this compromise, five slaves would count as three free persons in apportioning seats in the House of Representatives.
Only three-fifths of all slaves were allowed to vote in national elections.
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Question 241 pts
(Q024) Generally speaking, if a state or local law contradicts federal law, it is more likely to be ruled unconstitutional if challenged in courts because of the __________ clause.
Group of answer choices
necessary and proper
full faith and credit
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Question 251 pts
(Q025) Which two entities have responsibility for overseeing the appointment and approval of federal judges?
Group of answer choices
the president and the House of Representatives
the Senate and the president
the president and the Supreme Court
the Senate and the Supreme Court

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