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From 2002 until the present; the world has seen an overload of global conflict a

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From 2002 until the present; the world has seen an overload of global conflict and crisis. We are now undergoing an entirely new type of threat-a biological threat with the recent, global Covid-19 pandemic that began in Wuhan, China in November of 2019. Throughout history; conflict has always been and continues to exist. Often; the American public is only aware of conflicts the United States is engaged in with full force- because of the role of media. Interestingly; SOCOM works in many regions and in operations not brought forth to the public eye. Many regions of the world live with conflict on a daily basis or struggle with humanitarian crisis. The US makes a massive impact upon global relations in almost every region of the world upon those who want US led support and sometimes those that do not. All of the main seven branches of the military, along with the Department of Homeland Security and US Department of State; work to protect our homeland from threats foreign and domestic with US policy objectives in mind. Below you will find three topics: A, B, and C. Please select one of them. Answer the required questions AND show supporting evidence for your analysis. Do not forget to cite when using sources outside of the textbook. Thank you.
A.) As we have discussed in previous chapters; the role of the “industrial machine” and political partisanship makes a significant impact upon the mission, support and future of US Military Policy. When looking at the role of the DOD and its ongoing actions in regard to: 1.) the recent global covid-19 pandemic 2.) the recent War against ISIS in Iraq and Syria 3.) on and off actions of Kim Jong-un and North Korea 4.) nuclear development concerns with Iran- what can you see about the broad role that the DOD has upon foreign affairs in general? Do you see the possible rise of another massive, global war? Do you see a specific constraint impacting the DOD in any of these conflicts specifially or the need for more constraints in certain areas? Which ones and why?
B.) If Sapolsky et al. (2017) is correct in his assessment that the Republican party tends to support the DOD more from a financial and policy standpoint; do you believe the recent Congressional election of a dominant, Republican Senate and House is going to refocus military policy in regard to some; or all of these conflicts? In what way? How do you see changes in political leadership can or will change present US military policy? With the upcoming election; how could this impact the way the DOD is funded? Will that even be a top priority in the next year? What is your viewpoint on this?
C.) With your understanding now of the specific role of each branch of the military, yet the financial impact upon a financial increase to the DOD as as a whole-will the US be ready for the types of conflict we are facing? Is a funding increase enough when considering the impact prior cuts and downsizing has had upon our present force? Consider the three main present US military focuses with: ISIS/Assad in Syria, stability in the China Seas/North Korea and security for our allies in Europe. What do you see could happen to the balance of global, sustained stability if we are not and do you believe that the US mission overseas reflects already that global, sustained stability is struggling or returning to a status quo level? Does the recent United States/North Korea Summit show signs of an increased process of using force less and diplomacy more? In addition-what about the recent, brokered peace alliance with Israel and the UAE? Could the recent, brokered peace deal between Israel and the UAE change the course of US defense policy approaches globally now?

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