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12 noon, 18 January 2021. Due 3 pm. Choose three questions and answer them in s

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12 noon, 18 January 2021. Due 3 pm.
Choose three questions and answer them in short essay format minimum 300 words each; there is no maximum. Ideally each answer should have a short 1-3 sentence introduction. You should use paragraphs every 4-6 sentences, You do not need to use any references, but you can refer to the readings if you have a short quotation. Your answers should reflect your knowledge of material covered in class primarily, and secondarily in your textbooks. They should include as much detail as possible. This is not a test of your general knowledge. 
Please submit this paper with all three questions combined in ONE word document via email to me. Answers should be double spaced 12 point Cambria or TNR font. You must also include a word count for each answer. 
Is it fair to say that the American revolution and its philosophy was “conservative”? Why or why not?
2.      Why are there no continuous and viable third parties in federal politics?
3.      Why is the US party system less cohesive and “disciplined” than the Westminster model? 
4.      How is social media changing election campaigns?
What are the positives and negatives of the Rational Actor Model of foreign policy making?
Why is the federal budget process more complicated in the US system than in the Westminster system?
7.      What was the Truman Doctrine? Assess the merits of Truman’s philosophy of balancing military intervention with foreign aid. 
Discuss the merits of “triangular diplomacy”. Why did it not survive past the Ford era?
9.      Did Reagan get around America’s “Vietnam Syndrome” in his foreign policy?
10.  What was the Somalia syndrome and how did it cause a lack of action in Yugoslavia and Rwanda during Clinton’s era?
Was Obama a realist? Why or why not?
Did President Trump do his best to handle the coronavirus pandemic according to the information discussed in the class debates?

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