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Read & Respond to two of the following prompts from your fellow peers in 200-300

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Read & Respond to two of the following prompts from your fellow peers in 200-300 words. This is prompt 1:
DISCUSSION QUESTION CHOICE #3: Meta-ethics: What does morality mean?
Each person has their own personalized morals. There are many things the majority of people can agree on, such as being kind to children, or that senseless violence is a terrible thing. Someone who does subscribe to those morals would find it very hard to understand why anyone would feel otherwise; it feels like common sense. But as hard as it is to understand, there are people who are mean to kids and fully support mindless violent actions. Why they feel that way is because their experiences and psyche have led them to come to their own conclusions on what is right and what is wrong. “If ethics is fundamentally concerned with good behavior or, as per Aristotle, good characters, then it would seem to be desirable to properly understand what exactly “good” amounts to.” While one person can argue that all violence is morally bad, regardless of the circumstances, another can say that self defense in the form of violence is morally good, because a victim should be allowed to protect themselves. This is why instincts and emotions should play into what we decide is right and wrong. Being moral is almost fluid in my opinion; reason, logic, cultural norms and religious views are all things that can influence your morals, but I’m a big believer in also listening to your heart. This does not mean that some things are not inherently bad. The intention and reason behind the act itself should be taken into consideration when making a decision on what is right and wrong.
Prompt 2:
DISCUSSION QUESTION CHOICE #3: Meta-ethics: What does morality mean?
I think morality comes from kindness. So, for me, being moral means caring for others. In morality, it is most important to consider the position and feelings of the other person. To do so, you need to set aside your own preconceptions and common sense. Therefore, reason is indispensable and the most important factor in moral judgment. However, it is wrong to act based only on reason. Although it is true that reason should be more important than emotions and conscience, a biased balance of reason and conscience erases moral elements and creates just an inorganic program. Both emotions and conscience are also important in morality, as long as they are necessary for building relationships with others.
Last year I met a student attending another university to study economics. He had a great GPA, but in fact he had his girlfriend take the exam and maintain her grades. According to him, she doesn’t seem to think this is a violation, but rather she feels it is a charitable act to help him. But in this situation, her behavior is wrong. Conscience and emotion surpass reason and the balance is broken. As a result, this behavior impedes his future growth. It is important in everything to make rational decisions without being overwhelmed by temporary emotions.

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