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General Instructions: Citing relevant passages from the text(s), write a thesis-

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General Instructions: Citing relevant passages from the text(s), write a thesis-driven 4–5 page essay that stakes out a position on an issue or idea you’ve encountered in this class. The view you defend must be relevant to something we’ve studied or discussed in this course, and it can be defended using anything we’ve read in this course. A “critical” essay need not be an essay that objects to an idea, though it can certainly do that. To write a critical essay just means to write an essay that involves philosophical analysis, evaluation, and argumentation.
Specific Instructions: The task is to practice critical evaluation and argumentation. This assignment requires that you deploy the interpretive and exegetical skills. In order to critically evaluate an argument or view, you first have understand and be able to clearly lay out the view in question. It’s important that you get the philosophy right! So this assignment will involve interpretation + exegesis + critique. Your critical insight need not be ground breaking. You aren’t meant to refute an entire philosophy, you are just meant to draw critical attention to an idea, a view, or an argument by either defending it or challenging it. A view can be challenged in a number of ways.
 You can challenge a factual claim. This would involve calling into question the truth of some claim or view. This approach would be an external critique and is best accomplished by coming up with counter-examples that cast doubt on the view in question.
 You can challenge a conceptual claim. This would involve calling into question the conceptual adequacy of an idea or view, and can take the form of an external or an internal critique. As an external critique, it would be accomplished by showing how some concept or framework doesn’t adequately capture the reality that it claims to capture. This is also best done through counter-example. As an internal critique, a conceptual challenge would be accomplished by showing that the untenability of some concept/framework causes the argument to fall apart (or need reworking) if the argument happens to depend heavily on that concept.
 You can challenge the logical structure. This would involve calling into question the form of an argument. This is a purely internal critique and is accomplished by identifying bad inferences (our logical analysis from Unit 1 will come in handy here) or by showing that a view relies on a contradiction or is somehow incomplete or internally incoherent (the pieces of the argument don’t all fit together).
^^^All the instructions above is what my professor provided us. I want to write on the Five Faces of Oppression by Iris Young. You can take any stance you want, BUT choose any of the three described stances above: a factual claim, a conceptual claim, or the logical structure. So read the chapter PDF I have provided, choose a stance relating to a point the author makes in the chapter, and write a thesis-driven 4 page essay. Use any reliable sources if needed, and cite whatever you use. Use specific quotes from the text to support your points. No plagiarism please.

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