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Classmate Replies: When you respond to a minimum of two classmate, try to find a

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Classmate Replies: When you respond to a minimum of two classmate, try to find a classmate who sees a different set of colors and engage them in discussion, which is part of your classmate reply and is due by SUNDAY night (150-200 words).  Try to answer this: Why is it that you see the colors that you do and they see another set of colors? Can we trust our own perceptions of the world around us? You must cite and reference a scholarly source in your classmate posts. I’ll provide my information as well for this assignment.
Person 1
Part 1
I watched the first video link, in which I had to stare at the changing symbols in the middle of the screen while there were ongoing changing patterns surrounding the symbols. By staring at the symbol as much as I could, my eyes still pick up the ongoing patterns going on in the background. After the video, I looked at my hand, and I saw the spiral pattern as shown in the video happen on my hand itself. This is due to the fact that staring at a symbol or pattern for a prolonged period of time can cause our visual nuerons to become tired. As a result, when you stop looking at the ongoing pattern and see the pattern continue when looking elsewhere, it is a result of the brain taking a few seconds to re adjust to going back to “normal”. According to Haywood (2020), “We do not simply receive information from the environment; rather we act to obtain information. (p. 260)” This simply is reflected in the video because our brain is acting to obtain all the visual cues and information it is seeing from the screen. However, these motions are tiring to our brain thus causing the effects on our visual perception. According to Cretenoud (2019), “We suggest most illusions make up their own factor.” This video clip showed a spiral pattern that was ongoing while we stared at the same pattern, and that same spiral pattern is what I saw on my hand for a few seconds after looking away from the screen itself. The visual cortex part of the brain is activated when we see the same ongoing image in the video, staring at the same video and then looking away immediately to another area causes the delay in our brain before it realizes that it is not looking at the same pattern anymore, thus explaining why I saw the ongoing pattern on my hand during the delay. 
Part 2 The color that I see in the dress is a light blue and gold. I have seen a lot of discussion on the color of the dress. The actual color of the dress is blue and black. I also noticed that when I looked at the dress in a darker room that the dress was blue and black, and when I went into a more lit room, the dress appeared more white and gold. Once I realized that the dress is actually blue and black, my brain kept seeing the dress as blue and black more often. According to Hugrass (2017), “Perceptual dimming shifted color categorization toward blue/black whereas perceptual brightening shifted color categorization toward white/gold. We conclude that color categorization is influenced substantially by illusory shifts in brightness.” This tells us that the environment surrounding us a plays a role in how we visually perceive an object or another color. We can trust our perceptions for the most part because we just have to keep in mind that perceptions change, and as we see in this research, an entire dress can appear a different color just based on the darkness of a room. 
Cretenoud, A. F., Karimpur, H., Grzeczkowski, L., Francis, G., Hamburger, K., & Herzog, M. H. (2019). Factors underlying visual illusions are illusion-specific but not feature-specific. Journal of Vision, 19(14), 12.
Haywood, K., & Getchell, N. (2020) Lifespan motor development (7th ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics
Hugrass, L., Slavikova, J., Horvat, M., Musawi, A. A., & Crewther, D. (2017). Temporal brightness illusion changes color perception of “the dress.” Journal of Vision, 17(5), 6.
Person 2
1- The way we see the objects can be defined by perception that includes processes that occur in the brain after receiving a visual information (Haywood et al 2020). Those information reach the central nervous system that is the main recipient responsible for interpretation that changes over years on the road of development. According to Schlaffke et al, (2015), our vision is depending on brain activation, especially parts of the brain, while processing the reception. Therefore, it can be concluded that while people see the picture or given illusion there may occur differences in perception since a different part of brain were activated. There is saying that point of the view depends on the point of sitting and although the reference point will be the same its interpretation will differ due to differences between individuals and their development. 
The illusion that I decided to analyze is color illusion (video no. 3), where we can see two rectangles in different bright colors. The instruction says to blink while watching the objects since they will disappear after a given time. At that moment screen becomes white and continuation of blinking allows to see both rectangles and their colors in motion. This illusion tricks the brain by stimulating its memory that causes that we can get back to the visual object and see it subconsciously even though it is not visible. The research by Schlaffke et al (2015), made on the group of individuals who interpreted the same picture, proves that human brain is analyzing the same object differently and those differences depend on the sphere of the brain that was activated. Although the interpretation differences were in ratio 50:50, since only two types of visual perception occurred, one group indicated of greater activation of the brain than the other. 
2- Although most of the people see either white and gold or blue and black, in  my case I was able to see both of those. At forst I saw gold and while and then when I opened the picture second time it was blue and black which confused me and encouraged to check it again after few minutes. When I looked at the picture of the dress it was again gold and white and after a few minutes blue and black. During my all attempts I was sitting at the same spot and my screen remain in the same position. My changes in perception of the same picture were for me confusing since my friend saw from the beginning only blue and black. 
Haywood, K., & Getchell, N. (2020) Lifespan motor development. Champaign, IL: Human
Schlaffke L, Golisch A, Haag LM, Lenz M, Heba S, Lissek S, Schmidt-Wilcke T, Eysel UT,
Tegenthoff M. The brain’s dress code: How The Dress allows to decode the neuronal
pathway of an optical illusion. Cortex. 2015 Dec;73:271-5. doi:
10.1016/j.cortex.2015.08.017. Epub 2015 Sep 30. PMID: 26478963.

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