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Below are responses from my 2 of my classmates. Please indicate if you agree or

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Below are responses from my 2 of my classmates. Please indicate if you agree or disagree to their responses.
Raven Kotre
39 minutes ago, at 11:58 AM NEW
Good morning
Covid-19 2020 this year we all thought going into a new decade was going to be liberating and great that’s what I remember in the beginning of 2020 and I remember listening to small reports of those virus in November I was sick in December with the same symptoms that everybody’s talking about but I was told it was upper respiratory infection that they didn’t know where it came from and I went to Florida and marched before the pandemic shut down and then coming back it was so nerve-wracking to see even my close family members joking about this and it could have been a defense mechanism of their way of tolerating everything that’s going on but workimg in the beginning of the pandemic and I lost my job and I lost my boss I was really worried in the beginning I’m still worried it’s scary but I was out of work for a few months for like 3 months and then I got back to work and even now I would have to say people don’t care they only care about what benefits themselves and a lot of people take this as a joke I’ve heard so many stories of 5G ,population control you know the Georgia rules and in all honesty I know something’s out there because people are getting sick and I do what people everyday out in this workforce and we’ve been spit at and everything cussed out just the other day I heard that flies are the reason why we have coronavirus and I just feel like between the media and social media and everything like people were just so confused about this you know this is a a virus that was patted years ago I think it was like 2015 or something like that and we sold it and they created it or something I don’t know I’ve heard everything I try not to watch the news so much because my anxiety goes crazy but I do know hygiene is very important you know washing our hands and not touching our faces is really important this is change a lot of people’s life like I won’t even got near you if I don’t even know where have you been and I haven’t seen you like I don’t even want to touch you it is scary it really is. Alls I know is there’s something out there our world has viruses and bacteria created everyday and if this was like they say put together in a science lab the coronavirus and SARS which had made covid-19 and if this was deliberately given to the people then I think people need to realize that the people that we asked to run our world are our country is hurting us if that’s the case then we should collaborate and think about who we put our trust into and if they really have our best interest or if it’s just all about them because money talks, but I don’t know it’s all confusing like listening to everything and know that there’s something out there that’s you know getting people sick and people are so unhealthy or not even unhealthy and they can’t even take care of themselves you know it’s sad I know a lot of people are confused, you know thousands of people die every day from the flu and thousands of people die every day because they have a common cold because they don’t have the proper things to help them get through it and I just think it comes down to you know being aware and hygiene you know washing your hands staying clean making sure that the people you around are clean I was doing that before this pandemic and I’ll still do it after this pandemic.
Shannia Paulino
12 hours ago, at 12:28 AM
Hello everyone,
Since March our society has gone through some physical and mental changes. We have all been affected by Covid19 in many different levels. I want to pay respects to all those that have died as a result of Covid may they RIP. Many people have come together online and especially on Twitter to voice their opinions or state where they stand and I like to think of this as another way of society trying to survive during this pandemic. Some people may or may not be aware of the gravity of this pandemic, some would become complete shut ins and some other choose to continue on with their lives while ignoring Covid. Either way many people were forced to change their life style patterns and adapt to the social and political changes that occurred as a result of Covid. There are so many differences when you look outside now with almost everyone wearing masks and stores only allowing those in with masks. We have people keeping their distance and others not keeping their distance. People spraying things everywhere they go. In my case, I find myself video calling way more than I used to because before I would visit people in person. If anything technology is even more used now that most people have or had to stay at home. One thing that I find fascinating in my new lifestyle is that I have to wash and clean or disinfect everything that I purchase from the supermarket as a safety measure. I have to spray my shoes with disinfectant when I get home and disinfect my hands every single time I do anything outside. It’s just weird to see how fast the night changes. This has become our life now. Not to mention those who are struggling because of Covid. Many lost their jobs or are still trying to find jobs. Others want to work but don’t want to be in danger of the infection so they are looking for work at home. Oh! The people who used to ride cars, trains or any vehicle to get to work now have to work from home. I would say that and kids taking classes online are two of the biggest changes in our society. It’s definitely different working at home with all the distraction surrounding you. All the doctors that had to work and risk their lives for the safety of others deserve everyone’s respect, especially those that volunteered. I’m shocked with those that don’t believe in wearing their mask or those who don’t believe in Covid19 because they are slowing down our progression. Some people may just be unaware or have a lack of some information, but for those that know about everything with the news or the facts they see online but still choose to recklessly go outside or not wear their masks, those people need to understand that it’s more than their entitlement or belief. It’s about doing your part to slowly “normalize” our society and keep the casualties at a minimum. Overall I wish for everyone’s safety during these times and with all due respect I hope that those who are ignorant can educate themselves a little better and WEAR YOUR MASKS PLEASE!

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