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You will research an era in art from a specific time in art history (stay on top

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You will research an era in art from a specific time in art history (stay on topic, ancient-medieval art). Choose 2 artworks from your art movement or culture and carefully research the artworks and the life and ideas of the artist(s) who made the work. Write the paper completely in the third person. Do not include your opinion using the first person. As you write, first research and discuss an era in art. Next, research the history of 2 artworks of that era. Research the lives of the artist(s) who made the artwork. Research and discuss the process and materials used to make the artwork. Discuss the appearance of the artwork. Discuss the meaning of the artwork. Research and discuss the artists’ philosophical ideas. Discuss the culture of that time and place, and the historical ramifications of the artwork. Was the artwork commissioned? Where was it displayed? Who might have owned it? Also, discuss why the work is important to us today. Research where the work is now and how it got there. Is it on public view? Or, is it locked away in a vault…or was it destroyed? Using examples, discuss how and why the artwork has become important to our culture today. Research must be documented in Works Cited and paper will be written in MLA format with in-text citations. Paper will be at least 5 typed, double spaced pages using size 12 Times New Roman font and completely in your own words with cited quotes. The paper will be written in the third person. Include relevant vocabulary studied in our class when appropriate. You will have at least 5 sources: 1. You will use at least one published hard copy book as a reference; read the book! This is your major reference. You will include at least 5 citations from this source and you will include at least two cited quotes from this book. Use interlibrary loan if necessary…and expect it to take a week or two. 2. You will use at least three other sources for more information. See me for permission if you are using a .com source. All .org, .gov, and .edu internet sources are allowable. Documentary films can be used as a sources if they are published by a reputable source. (BBC, PBS, History Channel, National Geographic, etc.). Published books are often the best sources, use the library! 3. Use your textbook as a 5th source. Use Times New Roman font, size 12. Hand in as a hard copy at the beginning of class on the due date. Possible Outline: I. Introduction and thesis (one paragraph) II. Art era, define and research history of the era (one page) III. Describe Artwork #1 Formal analysis. (one paragraph) IV. Explanation of how artwork was made and who made it. (one page) V. Describe Artwork #2 Formal Analysis (one paragraph) VI. Explanation of how artwork was made and who made it. (one page) VII. Conclusion (one paragraph) VIII. Works Cited page Due November 29th. Letter Grade: 100 points. Rubric Is the essay in correct MLA format including a Works Cited page? 1-30 points Is the essay proofread and does it read like a final draft? 1-30 points Has the writer followed the directions given in the syllabus? 1-30 points Does the essay have a special creative edge, or has the writer gone above and beyond expectations? 1-10 points See me before choosing a topic! Art movements and history to research (you can narrow these topics further). Paleolithic Art, Neolithic Art, Mesopotamian Art, Ancient Egyptian Art, Minoan Art, Archaic Greek Art, Classical Greek Art, Hellenistic Greek Art, Etruscan Art, Roman Art, Early Christian Art, Byzantine Art, Early Islamic Art, Art of Medieval Europe, Art of Gothic Europe, Art of Romanesque Europe, Late Medieval Fresco Painting, Native Arts of the Americas before 1400. Our book is Kleiners Art through the ages 15th edition. I need a reference page

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