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Interview Assignment Writing skills are essential in most professions and fields

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Interview Assignment
Writing skills are essential in most professions and fields of study. However, the types of writing, the time spent writing, and the purposes and audiences for written documents, the necessary writing skills, and the importance of writing vary from profession to profession. The purpose of this assignment is to find out about the writing that is done in your chosen field or profession and then communicate those findings in a well written essay
To find out about the writing in your field, do the following:
Interview a professional in the field to find about the writing he or she does.
Interview another professional in the field OR someone who is in college and studying in the field you are interested in to find out about the writing he or she does. I would prefer you interview two professionals if at all possible.
Present your findings in a 4-5 page essay. Make sure to include all of the essential information gathered in the two interviews. You will need to decide how best to organize all of it.
Be sure to include what writing is being done in your chosen workplace, including the types of writing, the importance of writing, and the writing skills that are necessary in the field. Make the essay informative and detailed. Include information about your two sources.
Provide information related to the following questions:
1) How important is writing in this field? How much time is spent on writing and/or communication tasks?
2) What types of writing do you do? What are the most important texts that you produce?
2) Is the writing that you do typical of what others in the field do, or is it different in some way?
4) What are your most typical purposes for writing? Who are your intended readers?
5) How is the success of written documents determined? What make a document effective?
6) What writing skills and abilities are needed in this field? What writing skills do students need to develop before entering the field?
7) How is writing in this workplace different from the writing done in school?
8) Are writing tasks done by one individual or a group? Is there a standard review process?
You do not need to include information about all of these questions; use them as an overall guide in gaining information about writing in a field.
A thesis statement is an assertion, not a statement of fact or an observation.
Fact or observation: People use many lawn chemicals.
Thesis: People are poisoning the environment with chemicals merely to keep their lawns clean.
A thesis takes a stand rather than announcing a subject.
Announcement: The thesis of this paper is the difficulty of solving our environmental problems.
Thesis: Solving our environmental problems is more difficult than many environmentalists believe.
The following are thesis statements that were used by students in a previous class. Some of the thesis statements are better than others, but all are helpful in starting to think about the type of thesis statement you need to write.
1. Writing is important to mangers but even more important for managers to know is how to critically review other people’s writing.
2. Writing is crucial to the legal profession, but the amount and type of writing varies from business lawyers to criminal lawyers.
3. The writing and reading skills required for a broadcast journalism student is not very different from someone actually working in radio.
4. Education is extremely important in developing the essential writing skills necessary in working in the police field of work.
5. Literacy skills are important for police officers to have, but those skills are very different for a captain and a patrol officer.
6. Academic and business writing are both crafted with good vocabulary, correct grammar, and well structured formal sentences, the difference is in that academic writing offers a large amount of detail and full explanations of the subject, but business writing provides information in a much faster form by delivering minimal amount of detail while still providing and informative medium of communication.
7. Literacy is essential for a speech pathologist, both for students and professionals. It’s role differs greatly between the two due to format, audience, and purpose.
8. Writing as a dental hygienist is very different than the types of writing that students in college who are studying to be dental hygienists do.
9. Although there are a few similarities, the reading and writing used in the field of psychology is very different than that used by a graduate student.
Now, write your own thesis statement…
How do you organize the raw data that you have obtained?
Read over your interviews
Find similar themes from the interviews (using notes, highlighters, note cards, etc).
Write down the main themes from each interview
Write a thesis based on the themes (refer to Thesis Handout)
Write an outline based on your thesis
Include specific support for each point
Strategy #1:
Provide background information on job. Thesis is the last sentence
Strategy #2:
Introduce the two people you interviewed. Thesis statement is the last sentence.
Strategy #3:
Provide background information. Introduce the interviewees. Thesis. (Multiple paragraphs)
ORGANIZE YOUR ESSAY AROUND TOPICS or THEMES, not questions. Find the topics within the interviews and focus on those topics.
How to Plan your Body Paragraphs:
Strategy #1: Similarities together
Paragraph topic: Topic or Theme 1 — similarities
Professional 1: info, experiences, and quotes
Professional 2: info, experiences, and quotes
Strategy #2: Similarities & Differences apart
Paragraph topic: Topic or Theme 1 for Professional 1
Professional 1: info, experiences, and quotes
Paragraph topic: Topic or Theme 1 for Professional 2
Professional 1: info, experiences, and quotes
Strategy #3: Differences together
Paragraph topic: Topic or Theme 1 — differences
Professional 1: info, experiences, and quotes
Professional 2: info, experiences, and quotes
To support your argument, PLEASE USE DIRECT QUOTES!
The two professionals I will be talking “interviewing” is a school counselor and drug and alcohol counselor. Please make sure that if there are separate sections that they are pronounced in the paper, please. (example; thesis, should say thesis above it.) Also there is sections to this assignment that I have sectioned off with ( —— ) please please let me know if there are any questions, or confusions. thank you

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