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CSC 230 – Database Design – Database Project Each student will individually desi

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CSC 230 – Database Design – Database Project
Each student will individually design a functional database that meets a business need. The Final Database paper will explain and visually display how each of the following requirements was met in the project. See the Final Database Paper rubric for more specific requirements.
Databases ideas often come through work applications, innovative ventures, or for service projects at a non-profit organization. Frequently, databases are needed when information is compiled or queried in an inefficient fashion. In these instances, information is often entered or retrieved from paper or stored on spreadsheets.
Students will work to find a project that they are committed to. This could be related to a work activity, a church or other local community service need, or just a project that the student is interested in.
• 5 Entities (these made need to be broken down as we learn more about modeling)
• MySQL scripts to perform the following:
o Createtables
o Loadtableswithtestdata
o Selectstatementstoperformbasicreporting

• Proposal – End of Week 3
• Final DB Project Draft Submission – End of Week 5
• Final DB Project Submission – End of Week 6
• Final DB Project Presentation Draft – End of Week 6
• Final DB Project Presentation – End of Week 7
Proposal Requirements: (50 points)
• A story to illustrate the need that the database will solve – 15 points
Some questions to consider:
o Howwillitsavetime?
o Howwillitgettherightinformationtotherightperson? o HowwillitbetterconnectwiththeconsumeroftheDB? o Howwillitimproveefficiency?
• Goals of the project – 15 points
o Each goal should be measurable
o Each goal should have a deadline (not everything should be due in Week 6)
• Report Draft – 20 points
o BuildoutsampledataintotablesinMicrosoftWordandformatitsothatyour customer (or someone not in the class) can easily understand the data. Having this setup properly will help as you start to convert these entities into Tables.
Final DB Project Submission Requirements: (50 points Draft/75 points Final)
• A restatement of the story, with updates as new requirements may have been
uncovered (5 points Draft/5 points Final)
• Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD’s DON’T include field names) (10 points Draft/15
points Final)
o Show how entities and relationships accurately reflect business rules – in Crow’s
Foot format.
• Relational Diagram (Relational Diagrams DO include field names) (10 points Draft/15
points Final)
o Showtables,fieldsandrelationshipsinanormalizedrelationaldiagram
• Normalization Story (5 points Draft/10 points Final)
o Describehowthedatabasetablesevolvedasyouwentthroughthe
normalization process. Story should give screen-shot and written examples to
demonstrate understanding of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd normal forms
• SQL Scripts (10 points Draft/15 points Final)
o ProvideSQLscriptsthatwillperformthefollowingonMySQL: § Create tables
§ Create Sample Data
§ Perform Select Statements to perform basic reporting
• Implementation (5 points Draft/10 points Final)
o Provide details on how this database could be implemented § Users – what kind of users would the Database need
§ Hardware/Software – what would the environment for this system be
§ Application – what application’s do you see interacting with the
database? A desktop application, mobile application, web based or
other? Why?
• Conclusion (5 points Draft/5 points Final)
o Summary of the accomplishments toward the initial need
o Whatdidyoulearn?
o What would you do differently? If you could go back 7 weeks and start over,
what would you do differently?
Final DB Presentation Submission Requirements: (50 points Draft/75 points Final)
Assume that classmates in the audience represent a group of database developers on a project team. With this in mind, each student will make a 10 minute video that the other class members will be able to view. Presentation must include a minimum of the following:
• Introduction and opening statement (10 points Draft/15 points Final)
• Visual of the ERD and relational diagram (10 points Draft/15 points Final)
• Discussion of the normalization process (10 points Draft/15 points Final)
• Demonstration of the tables created and queries used to perform basic reporting (10
points Draft/15 points Final)
• Closing – summary, next steps, yet undone (10 points Draft/15 points Final)

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