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Debate Constructive The purpose of the constructive speech is to make and suppo

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Debate Constructive
The purpose of the constructive speech is to make and support your main arguments in favor of the resolution. For this debate you will use the claim you have previously selected and gathered evidence for and provided definitions to to create a complete argument.
Your debate constructive should include outside credible source citations. This debate is not to be based solely on your opinion. You must engage in critical inquiry to find support for your argument. Prove your proposition to me with thorough and sound arguments.
Your debate constructive should consist of three parts:
1. Clearly state and define the proposition (what do I mean by define? Using credible sources is important. Do Add sources to help you clearly state the terms in your argument.) The terms in your proposition can be defined differently to provide an advantage to the affirmative or negative. Consider this claim, “Abortion should be allowed.” How do you define abortion? How do groups that support this claim versus groups that negate this claim define it differently? Do you include in your definition of abortion the term “kill” or “eliminate” do you say “fetus” or “life” or “baby”? Also included in your definition of the term is what type of abortion are you referring to? Does your definition specify what week/term abortion should be allowed or are you including all abortion in your definition such as late term and after birth abortion? If you are not including this you need to make it clear. Also are you saying abortion should always be allowed – or allowed in only some instances and not others, some states and not others – be very clear.
2. Convince the audience to accept your claim. Provide credible outside material to support the main points in your debate. Your claim can originate from your opinion but you must substantiate your viewpoint with evidence. This is not an opinion piece but a thorough, well supported argument. Create a case with the evidence you have gathered. Provide an explanation of the material rather than just facts upon facts of evidence, be certain to show how the evidence is relevant to the claim.
3. Provide information to refute the opposition. The best defense is a good offense – meaning attack the opposition before they get the opportunity to do so. Consider what arguments the opposition can make against your case and instead of ignoring them, include them in your constructive to refute them.
How to Submit your Work:
For each of the two debates you will submit a video and briefs. For the video submission you do not need an audience. This is to provide you with practice to increase your public speaking skills and to demonstrate your ability to engage in oral argumentation. Many debates do not follow extemporaneous delivery and instead follow manuscript speech style to increase the clarity and more importantly in national forensic debate, the word count achieved in a “round.” Therefore, you may choose to deliver your briefs in the same style, meaning that you may read from a transcript you create.
Debate Briefs:
Debate briefs are required for each debate you present. A brief is generally an outline or text of your argument (don’t forget your works cited!) Don’t let the name follow you briefs are well developed and can be lengthy, depending on the depth of your argument. You should submit the briefs WITH your video. Simply enter the briefs in the text box after clicking on “reply” and then embed the video in the same post.

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