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Discussion Forum 1: This is a Graded Assignment Due by January 25th, 2021 Discus

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Discussion Forum 1: This is a Graded Assignment Due by January 25th, 2021
Discussion ForumResearch Process
Carefully Read This Discussion Forum Prompt : This week’s Discussion forum requires you to respond to 1. APA style scholarly writing guidelines and 2. Identifying characteristics of research. All students are to post the following the first week of class starting January 19th, 2021: Discussion Forum Grade is based on timeliness, level of detail/ accuracy/comprehensiveness/ scholarly writing & adherence to instructions..This course requires scholarly, academic writing in all written assignments, including Discussion Forums. Be sure your initial posts and responses are written using complete sentences, comprised of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, tense, syntax; and adherence to APA rules for use of abbreviations & correct citations.
1. Please click the 2 links below to view APA Guidelines : Required skills for academic, scholarly writing in this course; then write a well constructed paragraph describing the six (6) most important APA guidelines you learned, that will be critical in writing your research proposal.
(1). (Links to an external site.)
(2). Video Tutorial (Links to an external site.)
2.Read Chapter 1 of your textbook & view the abstract below of a clinical trial and respond as instructed below.
2A. Describe at least 2 characteristics of this study; i.e. sub problems, limitations, purpose etc;.
2B. Create & write a hypothesis for this study.
***Please post your thoughts and respond to at least 2 of your classmate’s posts.
Maternal calcium supplementation during pregnancy and dental caries of children at 12 years of age: follow-up of a randomized controlled trial. Bergel E. Gibbons L. Rasines MG. Luetich A. Belizan JM.Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica. 89(11):1396-402, 2010 Nov.
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate if calcium supplementation during pregnancy could have any influence on primary dentition measured as the reduction of dental caries of the child. DESIGN: Individual randomized controlled trial.
SETTING & POPULATION: One hospital in Rosario, Argentina. Random sample of 195 12-year-old children from a follow-up study of 614 women who were randomized during pregnancy to receive calcium supplementation or placebo.
METHODS: An independent researcher blinded to the group where the mothers were assigned performed a dental examination of the children.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Proportion of children with at least one decayed, missing or filled teeth (DMFT/dmft) and mean number of decayed, missing or filled surfaces (DMFS/dmfs) per children. RESULTS: Ninety-eight children were assessed in the calcium supplementation group and 97 in the placebo group. 63.3% of the children whose mother took calcium supplementation had at least one DMFT/dmft compared to 86.6% in the placebo group (<0.001). The children whose mother received the intervention had a 27% reduction in the risk of developing at least one DMFT/dmft (RR: 0.73, CI 95%: [0.62; 0.87]). CONCLUSIONS: This study shows a modeling effect of calcium intake during pregnancy on dental caries of the offspring. At around 12 years of age children whose mothers received calcium supplementation when pregnant showed a significant reduction in dental caries. Click the Reply bar to Respond to Questions 1, 2A & 2B: Due by 12 Noon 1/25/21... Once other responses have been posted, comment on at least two ( 2) other students' posting in substance. ►→If you are the first to enter the Discussion, there will only be a Reply bar below the topic. Otherwise, you will see others' posts below. Click on the wide "Reply" bar just below the topic to respond to the topic with an Original Post (OP). Click on the smaller "Reply" buttons at the bottom left of other responses to offer a Reply Post (RP) associated in a thread to someone else's response. ►→Remember to always write, and save a copy of, your Discussion posts in another location (notes, MS Word, Google), so that you have a copy of your work backed up in case of accident or session time-out.

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