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I need you to reply to 2 of my classmates on the subject using their reference f

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I need you to reply to 2 of my classmates on the subject using their reference for the references page. Please put the student name next to their reply so I know which is which.
2 hours agoMeg Justison
Discussion 2: main post
If I have high expectations about someone and have heard good things, I am more likely to put forth effort to engage with them. If I have heard not so good things about someone and I am about to meet them, I probably will make less of an effort to engage with them. Wilson, Akert and Sommers (2019) state that a self-fulfilling prophecy is when people have an expectation about what another person is like, which influences how they act towards a person, which results in the person behaving how the original person expected them to. It is a vicious cycle that can be controlled simply by expectations and behaviors. I think that if you have expectations about someone and you believe in what you hear about them, it can greatly influence your perception. They might be a great person, but because you have heard negative things about them, you are going to more than likely treat them lesser, resulting in them acting in the behavior that you expected of them.
As far as educationally, professional and personal self-fulfilling prophecies go, I believe that if you have high expectations about where you are going to go in life, you are going to be influenced in how you present yourself. The more you care and believe in something, the more likely you are to succeed with it.
Aronson, E., Wilson, T. D., Akert, R. M., & Sommers, S. R. (Eds.). (2019). Social psychology (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.
2 hours agoMeg Justison
RE: Discussion 2: main post
** the rest of my post did not post
With my education, I believe that if I talk about my goals, I am more likely to complete them. By presenting myself in a way that shows I am looking for success, I am more likely to continue my goal, despite what I might tell myself.
With relationships, I have expectations of who I want to engage with in my personal life. If these people do not meet my expectations, that is going to influence how often I engage with them, if I engage at all. If people act in ways that I do not like, that is going to influence my expectations of them.
With my professional life, I expect to be taken seriously. If I am working in a place where people do not work hard, behavior unprofessionally and do not work towards goals, that is going to influence my decision to stay with them. Workplaces have expectations of me and I have expectations of them.
1 day agoSelena Fowler
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
According to Aronson, Wilson, Akert, and Sommers (2019), the self-fulfilling prophecy is a cycle in which an individual believes that another person will act or be a certain way, so they unconsciously treat them in accordance with this belief, which results in the other person responding in a way that proves the individual’s expectation’s to be correct. Thus, if you go into a meeting with a new acquaintance with certain expectations about the person or their behavior, yes, the self-fulfilling prophecy will likely influence the way that the new acquaintance behaves, making you believe that they are exactly the type of person you expected them to be. However, that does mean that they ARE that type of person. It is more likely that they are simply acting in response to you treating them as though they are.
In regard to the implications of the self-fulfilling prophecy in my own career, education, and relationships, the very first consideration that I can think of is how employers and instructors treat us. In my experience here at Walden, we are not “babied”, so to speak. We are treated as the up-and-coming scientists and agents of social change that we are. We are challenged and expected to think like the scientists and agents of social change that we are; this encourages us to grow and improve our behaviors and thoughts as individuals in these roles. This is apparent at my job, as well. We are taught how to do our jobs during training, but much of the experience comes as time passes. My employers do not and have never treated me as “a newbie”; they have trusted me from the beginning to do my job appropriately and interact with our clients appropriately as well. The self-fulfilling prophecy can also be seen at work in relationships of all types. In romantic relationships, for instance, when we treat the other person as though they are untrustworthy and dishonest, they are more likely to hide things for fear of our reaction. The preferred method is to treat them as trustworthy so that they will act in accordance with our beliefs of them.
Aronson, E., Wilson, T. D., Akert, R. M., & Sommers, S. R. (Eds.). (2019). Social psychology (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

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