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1. What does it mean to say that memory is constructive in nature? Make sure to

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1. What does it mean to say that memory is constructive in nature? Make sure to discuss research on false memories in your answer. (12pts)
2. Describe a research study that provides evidence for visual encoding in working (short-term) memory. (8pts)
3. Define language in your own words. Make sure to describe/discuss how language differs from communication. (10pts)
4. Discuss the evidence that language is universal in humans. (10pts)
5. Why is creativity difficult to research? In your answer, make sure to discuss the different approaches to creativity. (8pts)
6. How would you describe metacognition? Provide an example. (6pts)
7. Choose one form of intelligence and contrast if to one other form of intelligence discussed in class. (6pts)
8. Give an example of pragmatic differences in how you would speak to a friend versus an employer. (6pts)
9. Does research support learning two languages simultaneously from birth or sequentially? Support your answer with research and what we know about language acquisition. (8pts)
10. What is the Functional Equivalence Hypothesis? Use image scaling as an example (6pts)
11. What is bottom-up vs. top-down processing? Provide an example of each. (8pts)
12. Why do cognitive psychologists commonly use reaction time and errors as dependent variables? (6pts)
use academic sources like .edu. , .net, ,org and textbooks
Sternberg, R.J., Cognitive Psychology, 7th Edition (ISBN:1305644654 good to use

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