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Prompt 2: Mistakes and Malpractice in Statistics When you think of statistics, f

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Prompt 2: Mistakes and Malpractice in Statistics
When you think of statistics, faith integration probably isn’t your first consideration. In fact, many people would argue that statistics (and mathematics in general) has nothing to do with faith. Let’s see if we can prove this assumption wrong. Consider the discussion below, do some of your own research, and thoughtfully respond at least twice.
As you read in Chapter 15, there are many mistakes that statisticians can make. Kim and Mallory (2014) explained that “statistical mistakes can occur at various stages of a study or project. Such errors include poor sampling strategy, inaccurate data entry, misrepresenting a graph, or choosing the wrong statistical test for the proposed research questions” (p. 352). As fallible human beings, we will always make mistakes, but with the welfare of your patients at risk, your goal as a nurse is to make as few mistakes as possible. Unfortunately, when our knowledge is based on research that uses faulty statistics, mistakes may happen even when following standard care.
As nurses are taking on more autonomy over the care of their patients, issues of malpractice by nurses are growing, and the risk of malpractice lawsuits is increasing. Click on the link to access the Christian Medical and Dental Associations’ (CMDA) “Christian Response to Adverse Outcomes Arising From Medical Error Statement.”Preview the document This statement explains the organization’s stance on malpractice and integrates their Christian faith.
So what is an ethical Christian nurse supposed to do? As future nurses, what do you think is your responsibility when it comes to preventing malpractice? How is your use/misuse of statistics important in preventing malpractice? Should you just follow the standards as set by the hospital to avoid risking a lawsuit, or is it more important to question practices that may be based on faulty statistical data? If conducting your own research, how can you avoid committing the mistakes listed in Ch. 15, so that your findings are used to improve care? What do you think about the CMDA’s stance on malpractice and faith, and how does that relate to statistics? How will you use your faith to address this issue of statistical errors and nursing malpractice? What does scripture have to say?
As you can see, I have not provided any scripture for you here, but I have provided a lot of questions for you to explore. There are multiple topics you can delve into here, so you may post several times, so long as your posts are not repetitive and contribute new ideas and information.
Your initial response should be 1-2 paragraphs in length. You need to submit at least 2 posts to this discussion.

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