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In this project, each student will select a technology or invention that she/he

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In this project, each student will select a technology or invention that she/he thinks will be available (or will emerge) in future to benefit societies. The project report will include an analysis of social, economic, and political influences of the selected technology on societies. Students can not select Artificial Intelligence or Energy Technologies. The project report should follow this outline:
Identify the need for the technology you choose
What needs to be done to bring the technology/invention from concept to reality
Potential benefits and challenges
Your project report should be at least 6 pages (excluding reference page) double spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12, with 1” margin all sides. You will need to search for data you need for this project. You are encouraged to use tables and figures; however, these should not be counted towards the 6-page limit. Use IEEE or APA referencing styles- make sure you use in-text citation.
Reports. Just give us writes a kind of a brief history or background or introduction to the technology, identified the need for the technology that you choose. And so basically kind of a background, short background could be one page, OK, or couple of pages long. The history or, or introduction to the topic, to the technology or to the innovation that you’re writing about. And then the other part of your report would be okay. This is this is the technology that the technology that you’re proposing or what needs to be done to bring that technology from concept to reality, right? So you hear a concept in your mind. You may have concepts related to other technologies that you have in your mind that you want to write about in this project. So I want you to discuss and write about what does it need to happen to bring that concept from that technology, from concepts basically to the reality, right, to existing. So in, under this, this breadth 0.2, you may, you may want to elaborate on who will be part of the process. Do need engineers, do need lawyers, do we need doctors? Do you need chemical engineers? Who what kind team you need to be part of? Or what kind of team should be, should be working on that technology to make it, to make it to the reality. Alright? So again, you can, you can elaborate more as what it needs to be done. And then in the last part, or the third part of your project, you can talk about. We should talk about potential challenges and potential benefits to the societies. Alright, so let’s say that is the imagination. To imagine something. You have a conceptual technology in your mind, you know, who will walk together and what the process is to make that concept to reality, right? And then the next step, or the next section would be to describe what are the benefits, right? So what did it, the benefits to the, to the societies in terms of social, could be social economic or political benefits or, and, or challenges. So you kind of describe it. And then this last section, you can conclude conclusions. Right? So that will be your last part of the report. So AC here reposed, we’ll have 544 basic parts or sections. And by no means, this is still a stone. It is not. Um, you can, you can change the layout as you see fit in your, with your project. But the basic concepts should be there, right? So these are the information that I will be looking for in your project report. Okay. So your project should be at least six pages long, excluding the References page. The double-spaced Times, Times New Roman font size, 12, one-inch margin, all sides. Please make sure that the, the, you, you pay attention to this. Ok, so we don’t want to miss this. As, as usual, you will need to search data for some data for this project, okay? If, again, you’re encouraged to use tables, figures, any, any visual things that you can add, just added. Just make sure that they don’t count that those figures or tables that you use within the six page limit. Right? So because there are a couple of figures could be one page. So than what? That’s one page should not be included in the six page minimum limit. Us. As always, you can use either I, triple E or APA referencing styles. Make sure that you do also, you use in-text citation right? Base according to the referencing style that you need that you use. When you before you upload your project. On the blackboard, please name your file. Okay. Before you upload it to the on the blackboard. And how do you name it? You just put your first name and last name and then Project three at the end. That is the naming convention of your file before you upload it. Otherwise, you will not. I will not see your name on the file. Name if if you don’t rename it before you upload it. So make sure you pay attention to this. Otherwise, I will cut points this time if I don’t see your files or not. Following this convention, this naming convention, right? That’s the due date for this project, is, again, as I mentioned earlier, is December 11th, which is Friday, the Friday before final exam week. Alright, and total points for this project is a 150 points. Remember, just a reminder that this project does not include a presentation. So you didn’t do not have to do a presentation. You just need to write a report. Make sure you, when you write report before you submit your report and make sure you read it a couple of times, proofread, it, makes sure that there is no grammatical errors, errors your file. So yeah, so basically that is, that is what the project, again, I will post the instructions on top. So yeah. So if you have any questions, please please let me know. Thank you so much.

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