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Targets: Exercise sound business and financial management principles in health c

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Exercise sound business and financial management principles
in health care settings through process mapping and strategic planning.
All assignments must target the content application while using two variables: the job choice and the case assigned by the faulty
It is Monday morning. Your supervising manager just sent you an email saying that a consulting company will be compiling all the knowledge for the “Lessons Learned” session to be held at a later date. Due to this “Lesson Learned” session, you will need to develop 2 page paper addressing the requirements for the report. Make sure to incorporate the appropriate references and citations, while editing the complete document for style and formatting. Utilize appropriate subheadings and transitional statements to develop a cohesive report. The report is due Sunday by 11:59 PM EST in week 8 of the course. Your report should include: (Note: This report should reflect the information learned throughout the course based on your job role, your collaborative team learning experience, and should be applied based upon the selected course’s case study. One could view this report as a detailed summary of the information learned that addresses each of the items below.) 1. Identify and Describe the Managerial Issue: Provide brief description of the severity of the managerial issue.
2. Identify and Describe the Impact and Scope of the Managerial Issue: What is the impact and scope of the issue.
3. Provide a Description of Your Job Role: Share the information learned regarding your role, responsibilities, views, case-study specific considerations, etc. from the information learned during the coursework. 4. Identify and Describe at Least Two Healthcare Related Managerial Issues with Solutions and Policies:Identify least two Healthcare related managerial issues related to your job role. Provide the proposed solutions and the policies for addressing the healthcare related managerial issues. 5. Discuss Potential Restrictions and Potential Reporting Requirements: How to offset the restrictions on the proposed solutions and what are the reporting requirements? (Note: The reporting requirements may be regulatory considerations, rules, or laws that may have to be followed with specific reporting requirements such as rules related to patient privacy, patient reporting, CMS regulations, Joint Commission regulations, or any rule, regulation, or law that has specific reporting requirements that must be conducted by the provider/organization.)
6. Identify and Describe at Least Three Lessons Learned for Your Role: List at least three lessons pertinent to your managerial roles. Describe how your job role affected the necessary changes. Share the how the lesson identified could be resolved in a real-world healthcare setting. Your supervising manager has requested that you make any necessary changes based on the feedback offered previously. Appropriately formatted citations and references are required.
The briefing paper format is explained at Make sure to follow the sub-headers and remember to arrange the information appropriately.
1. Make sure to incorporate the feedback that was received throughout the class.
2. Make sure to demonstrate critical thinking skills on the level of application and analysis (See Syllabus)
3. Follow the format and APA guidelines. Ensure a reference page with all the sources is provided and include APA formatting in-text citations throughout the briefing report. 4. Do not make general or common sense statements. The information presented must be concise and targeting executive level managers. 5. Anyone who reads the Briefing Report should be able to understand how the specific case was analyzed by the managerial team and what issues, solutions etc. were targeted. (Remember! Do not recall the concepts. Apply them to the case from the position of your role.)
The case study that we use for this course is the “Granitetown Disaster”. ( I was risk the Manager )In this case a train carrying chlorine gas in tank cars is leaving the chlorine factory. The factory is old and is in the center of Granitetown, a town of 15,000. As the train leaves, it goes onto a sidetrack and gains speed. Rounding a turn, the engineer sees a lone stationary locomotive on the same track. It is too late, the train cannot be stopped. As it hits the locomotive several train cars derail and one splits open, releasing chlorine gas into the community. Fire and rescue personnel respond to the scene and 15 people, including the engineer and 2 others on the train are taken to the St. James Hospital. Of the 15 victims, 13 are decontaminated and then admitted. Two are decontaminated and released. St. James is a 100 bed hospital that serves Williams County (65,000 population). The next closest hospitals are in Groveton Memorial – (50 miles, 300 beds and regional trauma center). There is also a private orthopedic specialty hospital (OrthoBEST) that is 20 miles away in the town of Spencerville (40 beds). All three hospitals are at 85% occupancy. Over the next several days there are 20, 13, 17 people coming to the St. James ER complaining of respiratory problems, presumably related to the chlorine gas release. Of these 50 ER patients, there is a need to admit 16 of them. At this point the hospital has 98 of 100 beds filled, therefore urgent discharge plans and some transfer plans are put into place, to accommodate those needing admission. The other 34 ER patients are told to follow-up with the private pulmonary medicine practice (Granitetown Pulmonary) within a week. St. James Hospital owns the Granitetown Pulmonary practice. Granitetown Pulmonary has 2 physicians and 1 nurse practitioner. At the time of this event, one physician is on an African safari and the nurse practitioner had a premature baby 3 days earlier. Three nurses and one tech from the ER decon team have symptoms of weakness, lightheadness and nausea and must be out of work for 3 days each. Consider the safety, personnel, supply, facility and other issues for the St. James Admin team to respond to this disaster.
I attached sum of the assignments I completed through out the course to better reflect what is expected from this final

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