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Immunity Poster for Anatomy SITUATION 1: NONSPECIFIC DEFENSES ​While walking ba

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​While walking barefoot you step on piece of broken glass, it cuts the skin and introduces bacteria into the wound. Design a flow chart that demonstrates the process of inflammation. Include non-specific defense cells and chemicals. Include the following terms: Pathogen, LPS, Mast cells, Histamine, H1 receptor, iNOS, NO, cGMP; myosin light-chain phosphatase; HPc; OPc, HPif, OPif, Tumor necrosis factor, Chemotaxis, Margination, (Beta 2 integrin; ICAM; P-Selectin; SLIG) Diapedesis (CXCL8, CXCR1) Dendritic cell , Neutrophil, Monocyte, Macrophage, Interleukin IL-1, Opsonization, Complement C3a; C3b; C5a; C5b, Classical pathway, Alternate pathway, MAC complex, Cytolysis, Adherence, Phagocytosis, Phagolysosome, Interferon, NK cells (MHC-I),
​Design a flow chart that would show how the specific immune system would be activated against the intracellular virus leading to complete resolution.
Also include the following terms;
APCs (Antigen Presenting Cells)​B lymphocyte​
Interlukin -1; IL – 2; IL-4,5,6​CD40; CD40L
Antigen​Plasma cell
Hapten​​​Antigen-antibody complex
MHC proteins (class I and II)​Neutralization
T lymphocyte (Th0; Th1; Th2)​Primary immune response
Cytotoxic T cells (CD8+)​Secondary immune response
Helper T cells (CD4+)​​Granzyme​​
B7; CD28​​Perforin

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