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1. Include a title page that has the following: A title Your name Your desired j

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1. Include a title page that has the following:
A title
Your name
Your desired job title
2. The body of your research paper with the following formatting:
7-8 pages (not including the title page or bibliography/sources), double spaced
12-point font
Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri Font
Use of subheadings per guidelines below
A bibliography or resources page; minimum of 5 resources from a variety of sources (see Research Resources below for a variety of options).
Style of formatting and citations, etc. should be consistent with a single style (e.g., APA, MLA, AMA, etc.). Use the formatting and citation style in your professional field.
Should be uploaded to the Assignment folder on D2L as either a Word or PDF document.
The body of your research should contain the following sections and use of these subtitles:
Overview of Desired Career Field (approximately 1 page): A brief overview of your desired job field including what the field and a day in your job would have looked like before COVID-19.
Impact of COVID-19 on Desired Career Field (approximately 2-3 pages): Use the following questions to help guide your research:
What is currently happening in your career field? Are they working remotely? Is it considered essential? What does this look like, specifically? Are they practicing social distancing or other measures to ensure safety?
What components of the job have adapted? Be specific and provide examples.
What components of the job have stayed the same? Be specific and provide details.
What are the “back to work guidelines” for your desired career field?
Has there been an economic impact on your desired career field?
Future of Desired Career Field (approximately 3-4 pages): Use the following questions to help guide your research:
What aspects of your desired career field do you think will continue in an adapted form and why?
Can you think of any creative ways of implementing a variation of your desired career field that could help become a future solution?
Is there anything you hope will remain a part of the career that was implemented as a result of COVID-19 changes?
What do you think the future of your desired career field will look like?
How will you adapt to the future of your desired career field?
How will you make yourself “sellable” in your future desired career field given the new circumstances?
Do you have any “outside the box” ideas that you think could be implemented in your desired career field post COVID-19?
If there is an economic impact on your desired career field, how might this impact you?
Research Resources
Use peer-reviewed journal articles to conduct your research.
Use information you researched from Assignment 2 to help you understand what a “day in the life” looked like prior to COVID-19.
Reach out to someone in your desired career field and see if they would be willing to complete a brief interview (or respond to an email interview) to help you further understand what your career field looks like and changes that have been implemented.
Think back to the webinar discussion from early June about what the various professionals indicated was happening in their fields.
Use your Making KIN-Nections Module from this class to help you connect to peers and professional partners.
Broader sources can be used, too, but are not considered peer-reviewed journal articles. When possible, try to use resources from a website ending in .gov, .edu, or .org, as these tend to be more evidence-based.

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