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The topic is media effects related to body imaging. The annotated bibliography a

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The topic is media effects related to body imaging. The annotated bibliography attached are the sources that are going to be used Purpose: This paper requires you to take a topic relevant to our class and conduct research beyond what has been provided through the text and lectures. The paper should also draw unique conclusions based on that research. Paper Content: 4-5 double-spaced pages of synthesized objective information that draws on peer reviewed research but is organized and synthesized in the student’s own words. Paper Organization: While you have chosen a topic, i.e. media and body imaging, you will need to narrow your focus to a specific argument or statement about the topic. Your paper should have a clear introduction with a thesis statement, paragraphs that develop and support the thesis, and a concluding paragraph. Formatting: APA formatting, Cover page, 4-5 pages double-spaced of content with integrated cited research, Works cited page Paper Requirement Details: Each student is to write one research paper that analyzes a particular topic of this course. The analysis of the topic must be supported by research from at least four outside (neither the text book nor lecture notes should be used) scholarly (peer reviewed) articles or reputable publications, published in or since 2004 (the text should not be used – automatic 10 point deduction if text is used). As citations from other sources are made, appropriate referencing, using the APA style, is necessary. A works cited page as well as a cover page is required. The paper should be 4-5 pages (typewritten and double-spaced), not including the works cited and cover pages. Papers are expected to be submitted ON TIME through Blackboard (as an attachment); detailed guidelines for the paper are indicated below. * Note regarding papers: Wikipedia and similar user-generated websites are not legitimate sources. Proofread. Then proofread again. Read your paper out loud. Proofread a few more times. Avoid informal language. In formal writing, it is not acceptable to write as if you are talking to a friend. Avoid colloquialisms and text message or email type writing. Your grade will be severely and negatively affected if you write in text message abbreviations. Do you not use 2nd person “you”; do not use 1st person “I”, either. (Even though the topics and questions to consider when developing the paper may seem to warrant your personal experiences and use of I in the paper, that is not appropriate for a research paper. You may still assert your viewpoint through research support.) Do not use long quotations without adding substantial analysis. Use quotation marks for direct quotations. Always follow paraphrasing and quotations with citations. YOUR PAPER MUST HAVE CITATIONS. You must give credit where credit is due to any idea/concept/information that did not come from your brain. Avoid generalizations; avoid vagueness. Be specific. Offer evidence from the sources to back up your points and statements. Do not make statements without providing supporting details and evidence. Avoid repetition. Focus on ANALYSIS rather than SUMMARY. This is not a report. There is NO tolerance for plagiarism. Any instance of confirmed academic dishonesty will result in automatic failure of the course and a report to the Honor Council. Remember, whenever you use another person’s ideas you MUST properly give that source credit by using parenthetical references and citing the reference in the works cited page. Grading of the Research Supported Paper – Grading considerations will include attention to the utilization of the appropriate research source(s) for support, appropriate works cited format, technical writing, the inclusion of appropriate content to express the reaction, and development/support for the reaction. Following the guidelines will be of great assistance in providing an acceptable paper. A copy of the rubric used for evaluating this paper is provided. I expect you to proof your hand-in work and, if needed, to actively seek help from the Writing Center or other similar services to improve your written skills. These are strategies that make you a more confident and assertive person. I will deduct points for problems with spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If you need help with your writing assignments, the Writing Tutorial Services are available. The tutors, who are graduate students in the English Department, offer free help with any phase of the writing process: brainstorming, outlining, revising, editing. They can help you learn editing and proofreading strategies that will improve your writing. They are open Monday through Friday. For an appointment, call 683-4036. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PAPER TYPED, DOUBLE SPACED; FOUR TO SIX PAGES IN LENGTH USE OF APA STYLE FOR REFERENCES EVALUATION: Development of content Research support for comments- use of additional source(s) and synthesis of research (four total) Organization of paper – clear introduction, body, conclusion It is recommended, for effective writing, that each paper contains an introductory paragraph that identifies the focus of the paper and an overview of points that will be the body of the paper that also emphasizes the “so what” value of the paper. “So what” = what new information will the reader get from the paper –what insight and benefit does the reader receive for reading the paper? Technical writing – grammar, punctuation, spelling Paper Format Cover Page title/topic (ex. Interpersonal Communication) Your name Your UIN COMM 200S Date submitted HONOR PLEDGE Your typed name to serve as digital signature* Paper – 4-5 double-spaced pages describing your reaction, with research support Works Cited – include four source(s) used; use APA format For the Works Cited page (examples): (These should be in alphabetical order.) Use OWL at Purdue to help with APA formatting. Points will be deducted for not following APA formatting. DeFleur, M., Kearney, P., & Plax, T. (2008). Fundamentals of human communication, 2nd ed. Mountain View, CA Mayfield Publishing Company. Fiske, S.T. (2003). Social cognition and violence. Annual Review of Psychology, 44, 144-159. For citing sources within the text of your paper: Hanna & Wilson (2008) reported that… DeFleur, Kearney & Plax (2008) indicated that … DeFleur et al. (2008) stated that … (used for subsequent citations by multiple (more than 2) authors “All organizations are systems, but not all managers of organizations understand and operate from this perspective” (Hanna & Wilson, 2008, p. 28). (Page number is added for a direct quote.)

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