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Typed, double-spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman, standard 1” margins, 3-4 pages,must be turned in as a word documentYou must use proper citation formatting as agreed upon with your TA (Chicago, MLA, etc.)
Prompt:In discussing how meaning of popular music is made, Simon Frith argues that the meaning is created “for sociological, not musicological reasons” (31). This unit has applied Frith’s idea to the divide between popular and serious music and your paper will ask you to think about and discuss this divide more critically to explore the sociological, rather than musicological, reasons for art’s different categorizations.The beginning of your paper should provide context and consider the three main artistic categories this unit discusses: modernism, the avant-garde, and popular music. What movements and artists from this unit can be associated with each category? What are their goals and what types of techniques do they use to achieve these goals? What are some of the major similarities between these types of art? Then, consider the divide between “popular” and “serious” art despite the artistic similarities and overlaps in the examples from this course. In your opinion, what is the difference between popular and serious art? Is it audience, mediation, the body/mind difference, or something else entirely? It’s up to you to decide what sociological factor(s) divide these two categories! Your argument must be backed up with support from the readings/course lectures, and an in-depth discussion of at least onemusical/artistic example from this unit. You are also encouraged to make connections to other material from this course.Use no outside source
Details (IMPORTANT): For this paper, you will be discussing the sociological differences between capital “A” Art music and popular music. Remember from Jillian’s second lecture: if they’re so similar in the goals behind the music and in their approach to musical technique, what makes them different, and why do we define them as different? You will first discuss the THREE musical categories—modernism, the avant-garde, and punk—and the three artists/band discussed in the chapter. The bulk of yourpaperAND YOUR THESISwill be arguing what makes the punk (popular) different from the modernism and avant-garde (serious).You are choosing from the following or can come up with more ideas: the body/mind difference, audience/mediation, and/or something else. You are encouraged to choose more than one factor!Please remember that in this paper, you are writing a full paper and are required to include a full introduction, a body section including BOTH parts of the prompt, and a conclusion. All of this must be in prose format.This paper must be turned in as a Microsoft Word document!!For this paper, YOU MUST: 1)Have a thesiswith a clear, strong argument and a reason why you are making this argument. This thesis needs to argue what it is that makes people define popular and serious music as different from the above elements or elements of your own choosing. You need to explain WHY also. DO NOT use “I believe” or “I think” or “This paper discusses.” Just state your thesis. Your thesis MUST be at the end of your introductory paragraph.
2)Dedicate only ONE THIRD of the paper to the first part of the prompt (discussing the three types of music—what movements/artists are associated with each genre; the goals and the techniques each genre used to achieve said goals; and the similarities between these three types of music). The second half of the prompt (discussing what makes serious and popular art different and backing yourthesis with readings, lecture, AND AT LEAST ONE MUSICAL/ARTISTICEXAMPLE) should take up TWO THIRDS and should be the meat of your paper.
3)Make sure you format your papers so that they are easy to follow. Do NOT jump back and forth between topics. Go frompoint A to point B to point C, etc.
4)Use at least THREE readings and lecture in your paper.You will need both lectures but PARTICULARLY the second lecture of Unit 7 to complete the paper successfully.Also, include at least one musical example into which you delve deeply to back your thesis.You must MENTION all 3 compositions(Four Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op. 7by Webern; One for Violin Soloby Nam June Paik; and Anarchy in the UKby The Sex Pistols) in your paper.
5)Include a works cited page AND in-text citations. I recommend MLA formatting, as it is easiest. Here is a good resource for looking at how to cite sources via MLA: reminder that you are NOT allowed to use outside resources for this paper. This includes Wikipedia and CourseHerobut also any other scholarly sources not given to you by Jillian in this class.
Other Requirements: •You MUST have a title, which is not Music 15 Paper!•You MUST be within the page limit! This means you must be at least 3/4 of the way down the thirdpage for it to count as “threepages,” and you CANNOT go past the halfway point on the fifthpage for it to count as “fourpages.”If you are outside the page limit, I will take off 7 points for under the page limit and 5 points for over the page limit.•Your introductionshould go from broad (but not too broad; don’t start with “throughout history, music has impacted society”) to specific.I’d recommend starting with a discussion of serious and popular music and/or information on the three genres you’ll be discussing, making note of the three artists/band. Then, transition to your argument about serious versus popular art.Finally, your introductionmustend with your thesis.•Make an outline! This will help you organize your thoughts and will show you where your paper is lacking (do you have evidence? Quotes? Musical examples?)This is why we had you do the outline as your first assignment!!!•You do NOT need to quote lecture. Paraphrasing is fine. But you DO need to cite Jillian.•I would highly recommend choosing AT LEAST TWO reasons why serious and popular music are considered differentin your argument. Recommendations Based on the Batch of Outlines•Do not start your introduction with broad, sweeping statements. It just takes up room (which you don’t have much of for this paper) and does nothing for your argument.•Do not forget to add a reason to back up your argument in your thesis! Why do you think these things make serious and popular music seem so different? This will help you with the next bullet point.•TIE ALL OF YOUR EXAMPLES BACK TO YOUR THESIS!!!!! Why are you using that piece of music? To back up your argument. So tie it back; tell me why (ain’t nothing but a heartache… where are my Backstreet Boys fans at?)and how it helps your argument.Just because you know doesn’t mean I do.•Give details about the musical example you choose. Jillian does an excellent job of explaining the three pieces and telling you about the particularsofeach one. What’s weird or different or cool about the music? What’s important to this genre that you can hear or see in this music? How does it connect to the other pieces of music? How is it different? How does the piece you chose relate to other kinds of art during its time? Talk about those details, and then TIE THEM BACK TO YOUR THESIS!!!•Make sure you check your spelling and grammar, as these will count towards your grade for your papers. Do not use colloquialisms (language you would use when speaking in your everyday life) in your paper; this is academic writing. Especially check the spelling of important words from the unit, such as the art forms or the composers’ names!!!•Remember to include Jillian Fischer in your works cited page AND in your in-text citations.Heading & Saving Your Doc AsYour heading should include:•Your name
•My name (Naomi Merer)•Section date & time in which you are enrolled•Date paper is due (If you have an extension, write THAT date)Please save your document as: YOUR LAST NAME Section time. EG: STEINTuesday8amWorks Cited Page & In-text Citation Formatting•If you do not have any in-text citations, you will lose 10 points.•If you do not have a works cited page, you will lose 15 points.•You will lose UP TO 5 points per formatting error in works cited/in-text citation.•When in doubt, use the Purdue Owl MLA citations page I posted above.•For in-text citations, the following is CORRECT formatting for MLA: (Author page #). For example, (Smith 32). DO NOT put a comma between the author last name and the page number. You do NOT need to include the title of the article in your in-text citations.•For citing Jillianin text, just write (Fischer).•You DO NOT need to cite musical examples either in in-text citations or in the works cited page.For citing lecture, go to the MLA Purdue Owl website, scroll down. On the left side, there is a list of types of sources. Click on “Other Common Sources”. Then scroll down to “Speeches, Lectures, or Other Oral Presentations.” Use this form
Links to the music listening portion: IMPORTANT
Nam June Paik(1932-2006)One for Violin Solo (1962

Anton Webern(1883-1945)Four Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op. 7(1910)

The Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK(1977)

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