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1. ____________________ is organized sound. 2. Sound has three basic compone

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1. ____________________ is organized sound.
2. Sound has three basic components, ___________, ___________, __________.
3. All sounds and most music have distinct patterns of motion.
When these patterns move in time they create a _________________.
4. When two pitched sounds are created in time together we have ______________.
5. __________________ is organized rhythms and pitched sounds.
6. Volume, tempo, musical texture, timbre and musical form define ______________.
7. Music reflects the time and culture of its creation. The most subjective element in music which expresses the composers musical intent is _____________________.
8. _______________ involves the art, order, and meaning associated with a music composition or performance.
9. A ___________ ___________ is a gathering of people to share music making on
percussion instruments.
Name the six instrument families and one instrument for each.
10 a._______________ b.______________
11 a._______________ b.______________
12 a._______________ b.______________
13 a._______________ b._______________
14 a._______________ b._______________
15 a._______________ b._______________
16. Creativity is a ____________ that has _________ and _____________.
17 Musical actins and activities can open the door to new possibilities of learning and achievements. We do this by developing two ways to think differently.
What are the seven major periods in Western Music History starting in 450AD?
Define the music from each period.
32. Why should we have music in our schools?________________________________
33. List the four reasons (rationale) why Standards in Education is important? .
34. Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development are:
________________________ ________________________
________________________ ________________________
35. _______________________________ is a developmental psychologist and cognitive theorist who developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
36. Brian Cambourne is a learning theorist known for _____________________.
37. Give a brief example of how to use a circle song in your classroom?
38. Musical Notation:
A. 0 is a ________note and equal to ________beats
B. d is a ________note and equal to ________beats
39. A _________ __________ for a musical composition can be a “roadmap” to help follow the musical patterns and deepen your listening experience.
40. One quote on Why should our students develop listening skills:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Each of the following questions are worth 5pts each)
1. Describe a music activity you would use to teach in your Social Studies curriculum?
Subject unit
Teaching song & activity
2. Describe a music activity you would use to teach in your Language Arts curriculum?
Subject unit
Teaching song & activity
3. Describe a music activity you would use to teach in your Science curriculum?
Subject unit
Teaching song & activity
4. How can you teach Math through music?
Subject unit
Teaching song and Activity
Make sure answer each question separates please .

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