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I need three 90 word responses to my classamtes posts listed below. Respond as i

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I need three 90 word responses to my classamtes posts listed below. Respond as if you are a classmate writing to another classmate. I need 1 source per response.
he following discussion forum involves access (no sign-in required) to the ArcGIS Story Map simulation, “Birds of a Feather”, located here.
The proverb “Birds of a feather flock together” describes how those of similar taste congregate in groups. We live in neighborhoods in which we share similarities with our neighbors but do we shop at the same places and for the same reasons based on similarities? When we look at markets like the San Francisco Bay Area there are many differences between individual customers, groups of customers and their neighbors. These variations can be explained by location and how it impacts shopping patterns and behaviors. Here we explore what factors are really important to customer activity and store performance.
Open the application to scroll through the pages. Read the text boxes to learn more about the data provided in the app. Think about what the maps tell us and why the information they provide is significant. Next, look at the Customer Spend map, what does the map tell you about customer spending in the Bay Area? Next, look at the map associated with Purpose Dictates Purchase. Is there a correlation between the customer spend rate and the location of the stores? Which Ps, in the marketing mix, do these two maps illustrate? What draws you to this conclusion?
Comment on what marketers can do with the data derived from these GIS application maps. How would you use this data to inform the social media strategy of your marketing plan? How can this data help inform what social media strategies would work best in your marketing plan?
classmates posts:
1. Michael
Detailed oriented maps, such as this one, is important for any upcoming business owner looking to open a store, or an established business looking to market towards certain customers. Just from the overview, we can see where the stores location and products sold, can help drive which customers visit and how much they would spend.
In general, we can see the concentration of spending is done closest to Store 16, in which this area is also a high tourist and local spot for those wanting to get out of the house. It has plenty of shops to offer and near all the major attractions, something I have seen personally. Additionally, there is a specific area that the concentration of spending is done, which radiates out, possibly due to limited parking and distance.
There is a relation between hot spots of recreational areas and accessibility. We can see the higher demand to visit a location, increases the available roads to gain access. This also limits accessibility during prime time, due to the limitation of parking.
I believe between these two maps, we see a marketing mix of both Price and Place. Reason being, normally in high concentrated areas, there are usually multiple stores offering similar or exact items. The only way these stores can draw customers to them is by your Place, which location and ease of accessibility or convenience is a big selling point. In addition, price is important. Those who are looking to spend money, typically have an idea in their mind of how much they are willing to spend for certain products. Given that the competition is high, having well priced products can turn a curious customer into a purchasing customer.
A detailed map like this can be a huge benefit for businesses looking to strategize social media for their advertising. The map not only provides general marketing profiles with plenty of information on where, distance, and spending, but also gives plenty of insight on who neighboring customers could be. Since social media marketing can be expensive, having the right demographic profiles sorted, allows for more concentrated advertising, ensuring a better return on investment with specific targeting markets.
2. Christie
Looking at the Customer Spend map, it illustrated that customers with similar shopping patterns and behaviors tend to flock together. I found it interesting to see where there were some opportunities to identify undeserved groups. For example, “Urban Chic” appeared to be scattered throughout the city and could be a group to provide further outreach to, to increase shopping presence in different markets.
Looking at the Purpose Dictates Purchase, the two things that stood out to me the most, was that some shopping appeared to be centered around the convenience of location, while other shopping appeared to be centered around destination (e.g., downtown).
Looking at the two maps, “Promotion” is very important to the marketing mix for any business in San Francisco. There are so many options available to a consumer, therefore the promotion of a product is important to its survival in a competitive environment.
Marketers can use data derived from GIS application maps to learn about their customer base; where they are coming from and who they are. By understanding who their customer base is, marketers can then develop a social media campaign that connects them to their product or service.
3. Erin
This is a combination of geography, marketing and sociology. Before I take a look at the GIS application maps sociology dictates that people of a similar socioeconomic background are most likely going to have similar demographics such as income and educational attainment. Typically, people of similar income and educational attainment also hold similar values which will then translate into what people buy, where they buy, and how much they spend. This data is used for marketing. Does this person value discount shopping and buy no name brands or does this person value status and buy the more expensive name brand.
After reviewing the GIS I see that the map did in fact tie both income and education attainment to marketing. This information is important because it gives us great insight on where these people shop, how they shop, why they shop, what they are buying and how much money they are spending. Knowing this information will help guide a marketer with their marketing strategy. The Customer Spend map tell us about customer spending in the Bay Area. According to (, n.d ), “Different variables create different surfaces of spend, supply, demand and market opportunity that can be used as the basis of retail models.” The map depicts thousands of individual customer transactions and total sales (, n.d.). The information listed next to the map dealing with Purpose Dictates Purchase map indicates that the stores are near major roads. Putting the stores near major roads will increase the amount of customers coming into the store to by products. The major road makes the store accessible. The two Ps that are part of the marketing mix that correlate to both the Customer Spend map and the Purpose Dictates Purchase map are place and price. Marketers must link the price to the product’s real and perceived value. The Customers Spend map is an indicator of how the marketer should price their products in various areas. The goal of the marketer is always to get their products in front of the consumers that are the most likely to buy them. The Purpose Dictates Purchase map indicates where they should market their products.
Markets can use the data derived from the GIS application maps to build a marketing strategy that will ensure successes in selling their product. The data that I use from the GIS application maps will help me to determine my target demographic. I can use this data to make improvements to my social media and marketing plan as a way to build brand awareness and increase sales. The information derived from the data can help to stream line any of my social media in order to personalize it and input content that not only brings people to my website but drives customers to buy my product as well.
Story Map Journal. (n.d.). Retrieved November 23, 2020, from

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