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Pick one of the six business scenarios below to discuss then address at least th

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Pick one of the six business scenarios below to discuss then address at least three of the dimensions (further below) in your original post of at least 500 words. You should estimate about 100-200 words on what you would do and 300-400 words on why that was your decision (i.e., the three dimensions).
Select one scenario:
You are working on a project along with several other companies and you notice that one of the companies is doing shoddy, dangerous work. If you report that company, the entire project may be shut down and you will lose 20% of your revenues for the year. Do you report the problem? How? Why?
Your budgets are tight. You procure some business services but you did not receive their invoice – and six months go by. Do you remind them to send the invoice? Why?
Your products have been profitable partly because of misrepresenting their quality. Do you address the quality problem which will negatively affect your profitability and your bonus? How do you address this problem?
One of your leading researchers has been accused of plagiarism and the evidence has been published. How do you address the media and customers (with respect to product safety), your investors (with respect to product integrity), governmental organizations (with respect to regulatory approvals), and the accused researcher?
Your company makes microchips for the electronics industry and you have limited evidence that your female population has abnormally high rates of miscarriages, birth defects, infertility, and prolonged menstrual cycles. Performing the detective work to identify the cause, if any, will take years and millions of dollars – and that’s before any effective changes can be implemented. As the department supervisor of the quality control department, your job may be at risk even though you have internal, external, and regulatory confirmation that your facility does not use any carcinogens, mutagens, and reproductive toxins. Do you begin the multi-year expensive investigation? Why or why not?
You are a college student. One of your professors warns against plagiarism but the other never mentions it. You are suffering in both classes. Do you check Chegg, CourseHero, Socratic, Solely, and other sources for help with your assignments in either class? Why or why not? What about their use on quizzes and exams? How do you act if you are not caught? How do you act if you are caught? What will you do if you are determined by your manager at your full time job that you don’t really know the material because you relied on these tools?
Ethical Dimensions:
If morals are personal in nature (whether religious, political, or philosophical) and ethics are how businesses apply a set of beliefs in short- and long-term decision making, how do you handle situations where one conflicts with another?
Environmental concerns (water, air, noise, space, pollution, etc.,)
Human safety (yours, co-workers, customers, public)
Regulatory compliance / legal constraints
The effect of my intentions based on personal beliefs versus the actual or perceived impact on other persons or businesses that you may not have ever considered
Cultural differences that contain varying priorities, beliefs, or expectations regardless of your personal beliefs (such as child labor, OSHA regulations, tax laws, gifts)
How do you handle the situation that the other party does not have all of the “facts” as we know them?
How do you handle the situation where no one, including you, will know the outcome until years later?
How do you handle the situation where a decision must be made in a short time frame without the ability to have all of the facts?
How do you handle the situation where the potential decision is legal but some, perhaps many, consider it to be unethical?
Is the decision being made still good if the roles are reversed?
Is the decision being made still good if the sexes are changed? The skin color? The language? The religion? The law? The monetary outcome?
Is my personal sense of right and wrong, my conscious (whether guilty or clean), an accurate yardstick? Why? How? How do you respond if the other party also claims that they know that their decision is right and good?
Is my personal sense of right and good for others an accurate yardstick? Why? How? How do you respond if the other party also claims that they know that their decision is right and good?
When does one person’s sense of correct ethical behavior overrule another person’s correct ethical behavior?

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