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Discussion: Motivation Theory As discussed in the background reading, McClelland

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Discussion: Motivation Theory
As discussed in the background reading, McClelland’s Need Theory talked about three main needs: need for achievement, need for power, and the need for affiliation that motivates employees’ behavior.
Question 1 and 2:
Based on what you have learned about McClelland’s Need Theory, (1) which need (or needs) is the most important for you at this time in your career (or life, if you are not currently working)?
For the Module 2 SLP assignment, you completed an online survey that measured what motivates you according to the theory developed by McClelland. (2) Were the results of the survey surprising to you or what you initially suspected they would be? Explain your response.
Additional Key Elements of the Assignment:
Recognition, in order to be an effective motivator, should be part of a wider organizational plan to meet employee needs that impact their company commitment. If the organization has other problem areas, then when done alone recognition may be less effective and other tools must be used instead of or in addition to employee recognition. These other interventions could be, among others, employee involvement, communication, empowerment, employee care, telecommuting, or work-life balance. Whatever tool is used, the results must be measured.
Question 3:
How are these or other various tools to improve employee engagement and increase work productivity measured at your company?
(To answer this question, you might need to first talk to your employer’s HR manager to discuss what they do.)
If you are not currently working, but have in the past, think back to the ways your previous employer took steps to measure improved employee engagement and increased work productivity.
If you are not currently working, you can complete this discussion topic by using a committee or other group or club membership that took steps to improve the engagement of its members. It is not necessary for you to have belonged to the group or club, but you must know how it changed (or you could ask the group’s leader if things changed and if those changes were as expected).
After posting your own response to the three questions by midnight Wednesday of Week 1 of Module 2, respond to at least two other students’ responses by midnight Sunday at the end of the Module 2 second week.
Be sure to add something new to their discussion rather than stating you like and agree with what they wrote. If you do use those words (like and agree), then be sure to include a paragraph about why you agree (or disagree), or like (or dislike) what they wrote. This last paragraph is what takes your response to a high level of critical thinking
Remember: To receive full credit in this forum, you need to post a minimum of three quality posts (your own initial post, and responses to two classmates). Only one high-quality peer-reviewed outside source is needed (in the initial post), and these are found in the Trident Online Library. But in any post, if you borrow ideas/information from other authors, give them credit for their work.

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