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Q.1: It could be said that technology is just a tool for hospitality practitione

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Q.1: It could be said that technology is just a tool for hospitality practitioners to
provide excellent guest services. Please cite examples of how technology systems may
be used to produce this outcome (5 Points).
Q.2: Organizations are systems that are comprised of people (workers, managers,
guests, suppliers, and shareholders). With this in mind, would you say a hospitality
organization is a mechanistic or organic system? Why? (5 Points).
Note: For question # 2, please refer to the table below and Chapter-1 PowerPoint
slides #52 and 53.
Mechanistic Organic
Employees work separately
and specialize in one task
Joint Specialization:
Employees work together and
coordinate tasks
Simple integrating mechanisms:
Hierarchy of authority well-defined
Complex integrating mechanisms:
task forces and teams are primary
integrating mechanisms
Decision-making kept as high as possible.
Most communication is vertical.
Authority to control tasks is delegated.
Most communication lateral
Extensive use made of rules & Standard
Operating Procedures
Mutual Adjustment:
Face-to-face contact for coordination.
Work process tends to be unpredictable
Much written communication Much verbal communication
Informal status in org based on size of
Informal status based on perceived
Organization is a network of positions,
corresponding to tasks. Typically each
person corresponds to one task
Organization is network of persons or
teams. People work in different capacities
simultaneously and over time
Q.3: Please explain information processing with your own words and give examples for
each input, processing, output and storage phases (10 Points). Please refer to
chapter-1, Page 3-6 .
Please remember that event though reading Chapter-1 will help you to answer the questions, you can answers the questions based on your personal opinion and/or based on your background, and from your research as well.
Your answers for each questions MUST be minimum 200 words.

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