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. Individual Research Project on a topic related to the themes addressed during

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Individual Research Project on a topic related to the themes addressed during the course. Students are expected to focus on a topic of their choice, selected from the themes discussed in the second half of the course, after the midterm; options include the following topics:
Smart cities: population growth, urbanization, migration
Food insecurity, social instability, and access to natural resources Access to energy sources and geopolitical implications
Regenerative Capital and the circular economy
Students who have already presented on one of these topics for their Team Presentation should choose a different one.
You may find the web site and book, Drawdown, by Paul Hawken ( (Links to an external site.)), a good starting point.
I expect four sections for this project.
1) Problem definition… what is the issue, who does it affect (e.g. Global North vs. Global South), and why is it a problem?
2) Who are the stakeholders?
3) What are some of the solutions to address the problem (also, what are some solutions that might NOT be a solution)? What are governments and NGOs doing? Are existing businesses part of the solution or the problem? How might the solution fail? What stands in the way of this solution?
4) How might this be an opportunity for businesses or what firms are pursuing this or how would industry need to adapt?
Students should engage in independent research and write an essay of about 2,000-3000 words (typically this is 8-12 pages). Within the topic they select, students are free to focus on any angle they find particularly interesting and emphasize how it impacts the future of our world; they are encouraged to provide the main relevant perspectives about that angle and not just their own personal opinion. They are expected to support their assertions by clearly citing their sources and by referring to core course concepts. A good project will incorporate a minimum of 15 cited sources (this is a general guideline and I expect you to research this issue extensively).
Students do not need to submit a proposal about the topic of their choice UNLESS they feel strongly they would like to research a different topic that is not included in the list above; in that case, they are REQUIRED to email me a proposal for approval no later than Nov. 25.
The topic is One Belt One Road and I will send the the ppt to give you some information. For the Criteria
research (25%) Author directly addresses research topic of questions, adding insights drawing on lectures, readings, or class discussions; synthesizes knowledge from the course in new ways while engaging topic in ways that go beyond the material covered in the course.
Argument (25%)25.0 pts
Paper contains a clear argument; the author communicates clearly and ideas and evidence for the future directions of the industry are presented in a coherent and logical fashion.
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Evidence and Counter-Evidence (25%)25.0 pts
Provides compelling and accurate evidence that convinces reader to accept main argument. The importance/relevance of all pieces of evidence is clearly stated. The author considers and thoughtfully responds to evidence, or alternate interpretations of evidence, that could be used to refute or weaken his/her argument.
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Organization, Clarity and Style (15%)15.0 pts
Paper includes an introduction, main body, and conclusion laying out the issues to be addressed in the paper, presenting the argument in detail with supporting evidence, and summarizing the main ideas or conclusions from the research. The main body has a clear structure, with an appropriate use of subheadings. Paragraphs are clear and include smooth transitions. All sentences are grammatically correct and clearly written. Minimal spelling or other errors.
Sources and Citations (10%)10.0 pts
Evidence and ideas about the future of the industry are drawn from a range of sources, in addition to assigned readings and in-class discussions, including scholarly books, journal articles, research institutions, government publications, and industry associations. All evidence is property cited with in-text citations and a reference list in APA style.

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