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I need three 90 word responses to my classamtes posts listed. Respond as if you

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I need three 90 word responses to my classamtes posts listed. Respond as if you are a classmate writing to another classmate. I need 1 source per response. 1. Richard Richard McKnight Daniels
DB 5.1 Change vision
Based on your analysis, what actions can you take to increase the likelihood of a successful change effort?
The Force Field Analysis
The force field analysis identifies the forces for and against change (Cawsey et al., 2019). The Veteran Affairs re-organization current situation for driving forces is less bureaucracy for veterans to receive higher trauma care levels. These 685,000 wounded warriors require center veteran medical centers for treatment throughout the four states, congress pushing laws to protect veterans and their mental health initiatives, government funding from congress distribution to veteran affairs administration, and veterans communities VFW/DAV/AM Vets/Amer Legion/Wounded Warrior Project support communities pressures from the lobbyist. The restraining forces are veteran affairs budget, transportation to out of state facility veteran medical center, and personnel needed to assist in transport. The strength of these forces regulated by presidential authority, the regional veteran center will allow it to happen; the local medical center will make it happen (Cawsey et al., 2019). The forces could be increased when looking beyond the immediate impact and identify ways to increase support and reduce resistance (Cawsey et al., 2019). In the case of the Re-Organization Command Structure change, reduce budget 3% for the 685,000 veterans care for the fiscal year, which may inadvertently reduce following fiscal year congressional veteran affairs budget because they see you made do with less previous year funding (Cawsey et al., 2019). Forces that could be added to the re-organization command structure possibly could be state governors to help with the driving force for veteran support. The only force that would oppose the change would be financial, and if the local veteran center and regional are on the same sheet, that will not be a problem. The only weakening is monetary funding, but typically not the case since wounded warriors are the congress’s primary subject. There will not be any resentment within this area because that is what the whole mission statement is about taking care of the veteran. Leverage points to advance the change is to seek out literature that references presidential mandates on funding and taking care of veterans (Cawsey et al., 2019). The analysis that I can take for a successful change effort is to hold an organizational meeting and go through all the essential areas that need funding this year versus what can wait until the following year. Reference
(Cawsey et al., 2019). Organization Change: An Action-Oriented Toolkit (4th ed.). San Franciso, CA: Sage Publication. (Original work published 2004)
2. Jared The analysis of my organization has been difficult for me to decipher. Using the Toolkit Exercise 6.3 created by Cawsey has allowed me to focus my understanding to better determine the factors that are working to help and push against the change (2019).
There are three major driving factors for my organizational change that I want to highlight. Two are external and one is internal. The external factor is driven by the Air Force Security Forces Enterprise. It is a direction to change the organizational structure of how our squadrons are designed. This design is going to look more like a Dual Authority Model (Bolman & Deal, 2017). The second external factor is the desire to better prepare, train and equip our Security Forces Airmen. This is self-explanatory but ultimately was created out of a need to correct years of over-worked and underdeveloped Airmen. The internal factor driving the change is the organizational leader. While our specific squadron has not been chosen to be one of the test squadrons for the Air Force, the organizational leader is embracing the change. The plan is to implement the structure in a deployed environment. We will be the only organization of this design to attempt the reorganization.
Some of the forces opposing the change are very typical. Because of our location, we are not structured in the same way that other squadrons are and do not have the same resources available. Additionally, we have a very young and cynical work force. We will need to have a deliberate approach to moving the momentum of the change with the driving force. The biggest way will be to use the data collected from the other test organizations in support of our cause. Showing how the organizational change will benefit each member can help add more momentum internally. If we can get both internal and external forces working symbiotically, the success rate will increase. This will also set the organization up for future change when needed (Geldenhuys & Veldsman, 2011). v/r, Jared
Bolman, L. G., & Deal, T. E. (2017). Part One/Making Sense of Organizations. In Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership (6th ed., pp. 67-94). Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Brand.
Deszca, G., Ingols, C. A., & Cawsey, T. F. (2019). Organizational Change: An Action-Oriented Toolkit (4th ed.). SAGE Publications, Inc.
Geldenhuys, C. A., & Veldsman, T. H. (2011). A change navigation-based, scenario planning process within a developing world context from an Afro-centric leadership perspective. SA Journal of Human Resource Management, 9(1), 48–66.
3. Rebecca
Changes in employee expectations is the biggest change we are working towards. According to the text, “change agents need to understand people’s perspective of the initiative and that there is no “one” right position ” (Deszca, Ingols, & Cawsey, 2019, p. 217) and as I am the one working towards making this change, I am the change agent. Like the text implies, I know there are many aspects to making this change, but I am ready. Since we need to increase effective communication, a way to increase this is by first creating a realistic approach to this barrier. There is not a lot of time between shifts so the idea must be short and simple. By getting higher ups on board, or checking with other nursing home and seeing their methods, I might be able to reduce the opposing viewpoints. Points of leverage might be a rewards system where we go a week or two without communication difficulties. Pizza parties are very popular especially for the night shift so this might be a great way to leverage the ideas. The “view of the change arena allows us to plot where forces for and against change are in balance” (Deszca, Ingols, & Cawsey, 2019, p. 211). In looking at this idea for change from the force field analysis, I can see where my biggest challenges are going to come in, and how I might be able to mitigate these challenges. If I can anticipate their rebuttals, then I can prepare my back up rebuttals to try and find a happy medium then I think I can get this change moving in the right direction. Reference
Deszca, G., Ingols, C., & Cawsey, T. F. (2019). Organizational change: An action-oriented toolkit. SAGE Publications.

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