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Radical Revision and Reflection Assignment A radical revision is revising (chang

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Radical Revision and Reflection Assignment
A radical revision is revising (changing) something to create new meaning, provide a different perspective, and or to impact the reader in a different way. You are look at something in a different way, almost taking it in a different direction. Summary of Assignment: You will recreate an important scene from the short story This Blessed House
Purpose of the Assignment: The narrator is one of the key components of any story. In this assignment, your goal is to see how changing the narrator—from Sanjeev to Twinkle— changes the meaning of the story. What are twinkle’s thoughts, perspectives, and or experiences through her eyes?
Steps to Completing the Assignment
Part 1. Preparation
1. Read This Blessed House and choose an important passage in the story.
1. This can be a turning point in the plot, a key moment of character development, a key moment in the story (exposition), or something else—but be prepared to justify the passage you have chosen.
2. This passage should present a single unified scene, a complete piece of the story, a complete reflection in the mind of the character, etc… You choose a beginning and an end point but strive to find a passage that stands on its own.
Annotate the passage. Mark up the passage, making notes that explains: What is happening. Why you think it’s happening. What are the important symbols, actions, changes, etc. Rewrite the passage from Twinkle’s point of view. This will entail different elements, depending on the passage you have chosen, but may include things like:
1. Changing the scene. The scene will have to follow Twinkle’s point of view, instead of Sanjeev’s.
2. Changing the perspective. Telling the story through Twinkle’s perspective.
3. Rewriting the internal thought processes from Sanjeev’s to Twinkle’s.
4. Changing the important symbols in the work. Certain things stand out to Sanjeev and are important for how he views the unfolding story. What things are important to Twinkle? What kinds of things would be important symbols for a story told from her perspective?
1. Do not just replace ‘Sanjeev’ with ‘Twinkle’. These characters think, act, grow, change and see the world in fundamentally different ways. You will need to create Twinkle’s point of view in your writing. It’s not a simple matter of replacement.
PLEASE NOTE: Making few changes, by just changing a few words in a couple of places is not enough. 1. Reflect. In 300 to 400 words, explain the following:
o the changes you and your group made,
o why you made them, and
o the impact you think the changes had on the meaning of the story. Submission Guidelines
1. Copy and paste all the parts of this assignment into ONE document. Please present the information in the following order and format with the following titles for each section:
1. The Passage. A copy, retype, or screen shot of the passage you chose to rewrite. 2. Explanation of Choices Made. Provide an explanation of why you chose that specific passage. Describe the scene (include the page number) and why you chose it. Include how you came to the decision of which passage to use. Three to four (3-4) sentences are fine.
3. Annotations. This section must include your annotations of the passage. These are the actual notes you made on the passage.
4. Rewritten Passage. Provide your rewritten passage. It should be clear what was rewritten and what was left. Maybe bold or italicize the change you made to passage.
5. Reflection. Your rewritten refection.

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