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PERSUASIVE SPEECH – “THE PRODUCT SPEECH” You will persuade your audience (the cl

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You will persuade your audience (the class) to be interested/motivated to purchase a product based on the following criteria.
real (something we can see and touch)
be able to purchase online or in a local store
current retail price- $1 to $500 US
not anything living, like a pet etc.
not a weapon of any kind
not a drug, alcohol etc.
nothing distasteful or potentially offensive to others
persuade the audience to support your product.
no services or giftcards
Use the Outlining Template attachment below to create your Informative Outline. Here are some things to remember:
What is an outline: An outline is a helpful guide in organizing your paper or speech. Outlines give a visual structure to your work and are used to show relationships and hierarchies within your content. Outlines can be formal or informal. If you google “outline examples”, you can become overwhelmed with the results. What one teacher accepts, one teacher may reject. Therefore, it is always good to see what each instructor requires.
The outline you are creating for your Persuasive assignment should be written using complete sentences. Avoid paragraphs, short phrases, and single words. Every item should be a complete sentence.
For example, AVOID the following:
Topic: What are Essential Oils
I. Introduction
A. Used for centuries
B. Comes from plants
C. Aromatherapy
D. Healing properties
II. History
A. Used for centuries
B. Protection against diseases
In the short sample outline above, you will see that complete sentences are not used. This is a common form of outlining. When you are writing a complete sentence outline, each item is a complete sentence. See the difference and correct format for this assignment below.
I. Essential oils are compounds extracted from various parts of a plant.
A. Essential oils can be traced as far back as 3500 B.C.
B. Essential oils come from a variety of plants.
C. Essential oils are most known for their aromatic properties.
D. Essential oils also carry medicinal properties that can help promote healing.
II. Using essential oils has been a long-standing practice in human history.
A.  Ancient Egyptians used essential oils for religious, medicinal, and cosmetic purposes.
B. Essential oils have been known to protect humans against diseases.
1. It is said that before thieves went to rob the dead of precious jewels, they would cover themselves in a combination of essential oils as protection against diseases.
2. Essential oils such as thyme and eucalyptus have been used to help boost the immune system and provide relief to respiratory conditions.
In the example above, notice how each item is a complete sentence. Also, notice how subpoint A in the introduction corresponds with roman numeral II. If we include the introduction and conclusion, this outline will have six roman numerals. Subpoint B in the Introduction would correspond with roman numeral III, C with IV, D with V, followed by the conclusion.     
Other things to remember about outlining:
Do not use bullet points.
Be consistent with your pattern. This is why I provided the template. Only using roman numerals.
The outline template provided has pre-written text (Topic Sentence 1, Topic Sentence 2, Gain Audience Attention, etc.) Please delete the pre-written text and replace it with your own content, using complete sentences.
The outline template can be used for a speech and it can be used for an essay. The components of both are the same (Introduction, Body, Conclusion).
Avoid paragraphs. This is not an essay.
If your outline is 2 pages, your References should be on page 3. We are using APA format. You can use the following link to help you prepare your reference page:
Standard Essay/Speech Outline Format
Thesis: Your main assertion or idea; the core of your speech.
Specific Purpose: What you hope to achieve from this speech
Each item should be in a complete sentence.
Remove the headers that are in italics before you submit. (I should only read your content on the outline.)
I. Gain Attention of Audience: _____________________________
II. Orient the audience to your topic: __________________________
A. Supporting Idea #1___________________________________
B. Supporting Idea #2___________________________________
C. Supporting Idea #3___________________________________
III.              Topic Sentence for Supporting Idea #1______________________
A.    ___________________________________________________
B.    ___________________________________________________
C.    ___________________________________________________
D.    Conclusion/Transition: _______________________________
IV.              Topic Sentence for Supporting Idea #2_____________________
A.    ___________________________________________________
B.    ___________________________________________________
C.    ___________________________________________________
1.      _____________________________________________
2.      _____________________________________________
a.      _______________________________________
b.      ________________________________________
V.                Topic Sentence for Supporting Idea #3
VI.              Conclusion/Restatement of Thesis_________________________
A.    ___________________________________________________
B.    ___________________________________________________
C.    ___________________________________________________
D.    Powerful Concluding Sentence

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