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After watching the film, Good Night and Good Luck (2005) and reading, Chapters 2

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For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowAfter watching the film, Good Night and Good Luck (2005) and reading, Chapters 2 and 3 of your text, and reading the following handout: Murrow vs McCarthy.pdf
Summarize how the film and the roles that Murrow and McCarthy played with respect to Mass Society Theory and compare it to social responsibility theory.
Start by watching the film, Good Night, and Good Luck (2005) When you reference the film in your paper, MLA style, the Good Night, and Good Luck will be in italics, not quotes, not underlined – just italics.
Then review chapter 2 and 3  in the textbook, with particular attention to Mass Society Theory and Social Responsibility Theory.
This is to be a full paper with an introduction, main points, using transitions between points, and a conclusion. In following the strictest MLA rules, you should not have bullets, numbers, or subheadings. Transitions are important in all writing.
1. Summarize the film and the roles that Murrow and McCarthy played with respect to Mass Society Theory. This section should include some terminology from mass society theory and and the assumptions of mass society theory. .
2 .The linked passage, Murrow vs McCarthy, above,  indicates that some film critics believe that the film was not only about Murrow and McCarthy but about the contemporary news media and their absence of investigation and criticism when President George W. Bush went to war with Iraq, based on what we now know is misleading or false information about Weapons of Destruction.
Explain, how these two issues are related, according to the film. What are the dangers of fearful journalism?  How does concentrated ownership of media affect the journalist or media outlet?  What is the responsibility of the journalist and the media outlet to the media consumer? How much responsibility should the individual take to seek out the truth?
3. Provide a brief analysis that explains the point of view of the film. Give at least 1 example from the film to support your perspective.
Some additional information for your consideration in writing an excellent or superior paper:
Use information and theory from the text to support information and analysis related to Mass Society Theory and the film. You may also use information from other academic sources if you choose, but are not required to do so.
Murrow vs McCarthy passge paraphrases some critics who believe the film was not just about McCarthy and Murrow but about the media’s role in not challenging President George W. Bush’s declared certainty that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction”. These critics say that this lack of challenge and investigation of the truth of these charges influenced the American public to support the war on Iraq. Some of these critics maintain that in the early post 9/11 environment of hyper patriotism that journalists were afraid that challenging the truth of Bush’s claim would make them appear unpatriotic and against fighting a war on terrorism.
What are your thoughts about this viewpoint and its relationship to the power of the media? These thoughts (analysis) must be stated in third person. In the first  assignment, analysis could be in first or third person voice. This assignment must be totally in third person voice. For an easy way to compose third person analysis, write your sentence with I think… and then take off the I think part and see what you have left in the sentence. Reword as necessary for proper expression and grammar.
Use the MLA stylebook for internal citations and a Works Cited page. You may find easy to use guidelines on the Webster University Library Website or on the Online Learning Lab (OWL) at Purdue University.
Your paper should be submitted in Microsoft Word and should 5-6 pages typed and double-spaced with 12-point font.  Please use a font such as Century or Times New Roman.  Be sure to number the pages and include your name and the assignment title on the first page. PROOF YOUR WORK. I WILL TAKE OFF POINTS FOR TYPOS, MISSPELLINGS AND LACK OF NOUN/VERB AGREEMENT. You should have a works cited page at the end of the paper, properly formatted and the text, the film, and any other source you use, should be cited correctly. If you do not cite the text or the film (both of which you should be using to write this paper, that lack of effort will also cost you 3 points).

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