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Purpose: This assignment is meant to prompt you to think about culture beginning

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Purpose: This assignment is meant to prompt you to think about culture beginning with your own experiences.
Considering that I am from India, this reflection essay should be written like I am writing it. And please read all the instructions.
As Appiah discusses, “culture” is an important concept with two seemingly opposed definitions:
1. We often use it to refer to the arts, especially those with the most prestige. In this usage, speaking of “culture,” implicitly means “high culture,” or those arts associated with with wealth, status, or privilege.
2. We also use culture to describe “a whole way of life” characteristic of a particular group of people. In this usage, culture is something everyone has; we can’t help but have it. Humans are cultural creatures, and we express that culture in ways both large and small, whether we intend to or not.
For the most part, we will use culture in the inclusive (second) sense of the term throughout our course, but our materials sometimes choose example with the first definition in mind.
Skills: This assignment will help you develop and practice the following skills:
Introspection: Examining your own life, attitudes, and assumptions.
Application: Before utilizing specific terms and ideas to investigate course material, you will practice utilizing a basic understanding of culture by examining what you are most familiar with (your own life and experiences)
Writing as thinking: Sometimes we know what we want to say before we write it, but writing can also be a way to formulate thoughts that we wouldn’t otherwise be fully aware of.
Task: For this reflection, I want you to think about what culture or cultures shape your experiences and identity. Be as specific as you can. (Don’t simply say you identify with “American culture,” as there are many cultural practices we might consider American and many ways you might take them up. Remember Appiah’s statement: culture “is a process you join, a life lived with others.”)
Try to identify at least 1 example of an aspect of culture that you picked up unintentionally or unconsciously (perhaps the way you speak, your ideas about what matters in life, or your attitudes towards everyday life) as well as 1 example of something that you actively chose or worked to attain or identify with (perhaps a sport you immersed yourself in, a style of music in which you became deeply invested, or an idea you took up that in some ways went against the prevailing attitudes of your immediate cultural context.)
Submit this reflection in the text box on D2L on this assignment.
Criteria for Success: This is a low-pressure assignment to begin our course; the emphasis is on the process of thinking and writing. Do not worry about formatting or word count. Simply address the prompt thoroughly and clearly while following 1 simple rule: write more than one paragraph!
If you do these things, your grade will be 100%. For this assignment, you will be given an opportunity to revise if you do not thoroughly address the prompt.

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